Sharp upper and lower bounds for the gamma function

  title={Sharp upper and lower bounds for the gamma function},
  author={Horst Alzer},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics},
  pages={709 - 718}
  • H. Alzer
  • Published 8 July 2009
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
We prove that for all x > 0, we have with the best possible constants α = 0 and $\beta=\tfrac{1}{1620}$. 

Theorems Featuring the Gamma Function

Some integrals of gamma functions are evaluated. A remarkable approximation to the gamma function, with a slightly less precise approximation submitted as a problem by Ramanujan to the Journal of the

On Some Asymptotic Expansions for the Gamma Function

Inequalities play a fundamental role in both theoretical and applied mathematics and contain many patterns of symmetries. In many studies, inequalities have been used to provide estimates of some

Windschitl type approximation formulas for the gamma function

Four functions combined with the gamma function and Windschitl type approximation formulas have good properties, such as monotonicity and convexity, and these not only yield some new inequalities for the gamma and factorial functions, but also provide a new proof of known inequalities and strengthen known results.

A quicker continued fraction approximation of the gamma function related to the Windschitl’s formula

A new continued fraction approximation and some inequalities for the gamma function are established and some numerical computations are given for demonstrating the superiority of the new series over the classical ones.


In this paper, we develop the Windschitl and Smith formulas for the gamma function to complete asymptotic expansions and provide explicit formulas for determining the coefficients of these asymptotic



On some inequalities for the gamma and psi functions

We present new inequalities for the gamma and psi functions, and we provide new classes of completely monotonic, star-shaped, and superadditive functions which are related to Γ and?.

On Ramanujan's Double Inequality for the Gamma Function

Ramanujan presented (without proof) the following double inequality for the gamma function: π(xe)x[8x3+4x2+x+1100]1/6

Sharp bounds for the Bernoulli numbers

Abstract. We determine the best possible real constants $\alpha$ and $\beta$ such that the inequalities ${2(2n)! \over(2\pi)^{2n}} {1 \over 1-2^{\alpha -2n}} \leqq |B_{2n}| \leqq {2(2n)! \over

Handbook of Mathematical Functions With Formulas, Graphs and Mathematical Tables (National Bureau of Standards Applied Mathematics Series No. 55)

A handbook of mathematical functions that is designed to provide scientific investigations with a comprehensive and self-contained summary of the mathematical functions that arise in physical and

Concerning Two Series for the Gamma Function

series for In r(z) contains only odd powers of z-', whereas the corresponding series for r(z) contains all powers of z-, nevertheless the latter provides an effective computational tool for the

Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs,

The DLMF, also being published as a book, is the successor to Abramowitz and Stegun's NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs. Handbook of Mathematical Functions has 24 ratings

Calculators and the gamma function. (Available at gamma.htm

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Question 754

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