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Sharp convergence for degenerate Langevin dynamics

  title={Sharp convergence for degenerate Langevin dynamics},
  author={Gerardo Barrera and Conrado da Costa and Milton Jara},
. In this paper, we study an ordinary differential equation with a degenerate global attractor at the origin, to which we add a white noise with a small parameter that regulates its intensity. Under general conditions, for any fixed intensity, as time tends to infinity, the solution of this stochastic dynamics converges exponentially fast in total variation distance to a unique equilibrium distribution. We suitably accelerate the random dynamics and show that the preceding convergence is sharp… 



Thermalisation for small random perturbations of dynamical systems

We consider an ordinary differential equation with a unique hyperbolic attractor at the origin, to which we add a small random perturbation. It is known that under general conditions, the solution of

Numerical computations of geometric ergodicity for stochastic dynamics

  • Yao LiShirou Wang
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2020
It is shown that the rate of geometric ergodicity of a random perturbed system can, to some extent, reveal the degree of chaoticity of the underlying deterministic dynamics.

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Weak noise and non-hyperbolic unstable fixed points: Sharp estimates on transit and exit times

We consider certain one dimensional ordinary stochastic differential equations driven by additive Brownian motion of variance $\varepsilon ^2$. When $\varepsilon =0$ such equations have an unstable