Sharetouch: A system to enrich social network experiences for the elderly


The Sharetouch system is designed for raising users’ participation in community events. We put three subsystems into Sharetouch: (1) community pond, (2) Waterball interactive game, and (3) multimedia sharing. Sharetouch is based on an optical touch device designed by the Joyplux Company with an infrared LED and camera. This device can support multi-touch functions within a large display area. The software of Sharetouch was developed within XNA and .NET frameworks. We project the users as fish in our community pond. Sharetouch displays all the friends as fish when the users log into the system. Therefore, the number of fish equals the number of friends of the users. This design encourages users to make more friends to increase the number of fish. Waterball is a game that combines virtual images and real objects. The concept is based on the Nintendo Wii games, as players hold controllers (real objects) to play the ommunity pond aterball ultimedia sharing echnology Acceptance Model games (virtual images). We also apply the concept of the cloud flash drive to multimedia sharing to avoid the trouble of carrying a real flash disk. This study employed the TAM measure to measure the validity of Sharetouch in this social platform. Our findings indicated that all proposed hypotheses had a positive and significant impact on the intention of older people to interact with Sharetouch. Unlike the computerbased system, Sharetouch is created as a user-friendly interface system. Sharetouch can enrich the users’ es thr social network experienc

DOI: 10.1016/j.jss.2012.01.023

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