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Shareholder activism : corporate governance reforms in Korea

  title={Shareholder activism : corporate governance reforms in Korea},
  author={Han-Kyun Rho and R. Monks},
Understanding the rise and decline of shareholder activism in South Korea: the explanatory advantages of the theory of Modes of Exchange
Abstract The extent to which Korea has become a full-fledged neoliberal state has been subject to debate. We argue that the recent rise and fall of shareholder activism in Korea is related to theExpand
- 1-Capital Allocation Efficiency of Firms Outside the Business Group * January
This study investigates the association between business groups’ influence and the capital allocation efficiency of firms outside the business group. We use a sample of Korean firms (1987 to 2010) toExpand
State-Civil Society Synergy and Cooptation: The Case of the Minority Shareholder Movement in Korea
In this essay, we argue that state-civil society synergy is a powerful driving force for economic change. Only the combination of public policies and civil society engagement ensure an efficientExpand
Do Business Groups Harm Capital Allocation Efficiency Outside the Business Group?
This study investigates whether business groups can harm the capital allocation efficiency of non-business group firms. From a sample of Korean firms (1987 to 2010), we compute an annual index of theExpand
Political Connections and Business Strategy in Dynamic Environments: How Types and Destinations of Political Ties Affect Business Diversification in Closed and Open Political Economic Contexts
As a closed political economy becomes more open, the types and destinations of political ties that generate strategic benefits for firms change. In closed markets, the greatest benefits arise fromExpand
Shareholder Activism in Malaysia: Exploring a Missing Parameter
The topic of shareholder activism has become an important issue for discussion in the corporate world, and debate continues to exist with regard to this matter. In the corporate world, the minorityExpand
How corporate governance affect firm value? Evidence on a self-dealing channel from a natural experiment in Korea
Prior work in emerging markets provides evidence that better corporate governance predicts higher market value, but very little evidence on the specific channels through which governance can increaseExpand
Why Does Corporate Governance Affect Firm Value: Evidence on a Self-Dealing Channel from a Natural Experiment in Korea
Prior work in emerging markets provides evidence that better corporate governance predicts higher market value, but very little on the specific channels through which governance increases value. WeExpand
Peasants, Bankers and the State: Forging Institutions in Neoliberal Turkey
The recent rediscovery of institutions in the study of international development has drawn considerable attention to macro arrangements, but sparked much less interest in midrange, sectoralExpand


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The Impact of Shareholder Activism on Target Companies: A Survey of Empirical Findings
Researchers and investors disagree over the extent to which shareholder activism facilitates improvements in target firms' values, earnings, operations, and governance structures. The disagreementExpand
Value creation and corporate diversification: the case of Sears, Roebuck & Co.
We provide a clinical perspective on corporate governance, shareholder activism and corporate restructuring by studying Sears, Roebuck & Co. In particular we focus on Sears' diversification intoExpand
Relationship Investing and Shareholder Activism by Institutional Investors: The Wealth Effects of Corporate Governance Related Proposals
We examine whether institutional investor activism by public pension funds is effective in achieving its stated goal of increasing shareholder value. An investigation of the short term performanceExpand
Are Shareholder Proposals All Bark and No Bite? Evidence from Shareholder Resolutions to Rescind Poison Pills
We provide a comprehensive examination of shareholder resolutions to rescind poison pills. We find that pill rescission proposals are more frequent the more negative the market reaction to theExpand
A Social Movement Perspective on Corporate Control
Volume: 39 Issue: 1 Start Page: 141 ISSN: 00018392 Subject Terms: Studies Shareholder relations Interest groups Corporate governance Corporate culture Shareholder relations Organizational structureExpand
State pension funds and shareholder activism
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The Structure of Political Opportunities and Peasant Mobilization in Central America
The literature on the determinants of popular mobilization and social movements is rich with theoretical insights concerning the role of a variety of factors, from the generation of grievances byExpand
Shareholder Passivity Reexamined
This article assesses the extent to which the traditional passivity of American shareholders is a result of legal rules and conflicts of interest that discourage shareholder activism, or a result ofExpand