Shared segmented upload in mobile networks using coordinated multipoint


Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-Advanced) networks have problems of low data rate for cell-edge users, as well as coverage gaps. Contemporary communication standards use different techniques to deal with these problems; one candidate technique is called Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP). In this context, we introduce Shared Segmented Upload (SSU), a novel method for uploading large files from a UE to multiple BSs in a CoMP communication sce-nario. We use the Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) formalism to model a mobile network using two approaches: SSU and a conventional non-cooperative algo-rithm. The simulation results show that, compared to the conventional method, the SSU algorithm improves cell edge users' uplink performance and reduces the latency for a User Equipment (UE) to upload its data to the network.

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