Shared longitudinal predictors of physical peer and dating violence.

  title={Shared longitudinal predictors of physical peer and dating violence.},
  author={Vangie A. Foshee and Luz McNaughton Reyes and Andra L Teten Tharp and Ling-Yin Chang and Susan T. Ennett and Thomas Simon and Natasha E. Latzman and Chiravath Suchindran},
  journal={The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine},
  volume={56 1},
PURPOSE Peers and dates are common targets of adolescent violence. Prevention programs typically address either peer violence (PV) or dating violence (DV) but not both. However, if PV and DV share predictors, prevention strategies could target both behaviors, yielding economic and time efficiencies. Longitudinal data were examined to determine the extent to which physical PV and DV shared predictors. Guided by social learning and social control theories, both risk and protective factors were… CONTINUE READING