Shaping the online fat acceptance movement: talking about body image and beauty standards

  title={Shaping the online fat acceptance movement: talking about body image and beauty standards},
  author={Adwoa A. Afful and Rosemary Ricciardelli},
  journal={Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={453 - 472}
Over the past decade, in Canada and the United States, blogs have become a popular and important space for fat women and their allies to create and further develop discursive strategies to contest the gendered anti-fat discourses perpetuated by the media, governments and the field of medicine and institutions of public health (e.g., Elliot, C. (2007). Journal of Canadian Studies, 41, 134–149. Gimlin, D. (2002). Body work: Beauty and self-image in American culture. Berkeley: University of… 
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