Shaping the boys' agenda: the backlash blockbusters

  title={Shaping the boys' agenda: the backlash blockbusters},
  author={Martin Alwin Mills},
  journal={International Journal of Inclusive Education},
  pages={57 - 73}
  • M. Mills
  • Published 2003
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Inclusive Education
The boys’ debate internationally is being fuelled by a range of texts on boys and masculinity. Many of the most popular texts are situated firmly within a backlash politics. These politics suggest that boys are the new ‘victims’ of schooling and that the girls’ agenda in schooling is a completed one. This paper will challenge the arguments contained within a number of the most recent of these ‘backlash blockbusters’. The paper will argue that, rather than boys being placed on the educational… Expand
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