Shape recovery using functionally represented constructive models


We propose a method which helps to fit existing parameterized function representation (FRep) models to a given dataset of 3D surface points. Best fitted parameters of the model are obtained by using a hybrid algorithm combining simulated annealing and Levenberg-Marquardt methods. The efficiency of the approach is shown for recovery of two test items. We… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/SMI.2004.1314531


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@article{Fayolle2004ShapeRU, title={Shape recovery using functionally represented constructive models}, author={Pierre-Alain Fayolle and Alexander A. Pasko and Elena L. Kartasheva and Nikolay N. Mirenkov}, journal={Proceedings Shape Modeling Applications, 2004.}, year={2004}, pages={375-378} }