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Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field

  title={Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field},
  author={Weiyu Ran and Steven A. Fredericks and John R. Saylor},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
A `star drop' refers to the patterns created when a drop, flattened by some force, is excited into shape mode oscillations. These patterns are perhaps best understood as the two dimensional analog to the more common three dimensional shape mode oscillations. In this fluid dynamics video an ultrasonic standing wave was used to levitate a liquid drop. The drop was then flattened into a disk by increasing the field strength. This flattened drop was then excited to create star drop patterns by… 

High-speed camera observation of multi-component droplet coagulation in an ultrasonic standing wave field

With an acoustic levitator small particles can be aggregated near the nodes of a standing pressure field. Furthermore it is possible to atomize liquids on a vibrating surface. We used a combination

Chain-oscillations and polygons in physics

In this work, chain-oscillations of liquid capillary jets are introduced, and studied theoretically and experimentally. ‘e normal modes of vibration of capillary liquids are addressed in this

Langevin Transducer Analysis and Acoustic Levitation

In this experiment we investigated the behavior of a 40W commercial, ultrasonic transducer. We observed a frequency response hysteresis near the resonant frequency of 28 kHz and determined that the

Biochemical and biophysical mechanisms underlying the heart and the brain dialog

The discussion supports the view that the heart role is more than the one of a muscle responsible of the blood flow, with mechanisms such as the spontaneous breakdown of symmetry in many-body physics, the dynamical formation of long range correlations and their associated Nambu-Goldstone quanta, coherent states and fractal self-similarity discussed with reference to the heart-brain dialog.

Implementierung der akustischen Levitation in ein Totalanalysesystem

As a total analysis system (TAS) an instrument is called which carries out complete chemical analysis procedures independently. The introduction of such systems offers a more efficient workflow in



Parametrically excited sectorial oscillation of liquid drops floating in ultrasound.

Experiments in which the nonaxisymmetric sectorial oscillations of water drops have been excited using acoustic levitation and an active modulation method and these oscillations are excited by parametric resonance find the oblate initial shape of the water drops essential to this kind of excitations.

Star-drops formed by periodic excitation and on an air cushion – A short review

Abstract. When simply put on a solid, a liquid drop usually adopts the shape of a spherical cap or a puddle depending on its volume and on the wetting conditions. However, when the drop is subjected

Compact acoustic levitation device for studies in fluid dynamics and material science in the laboratory and microgravity

An ultrasonic levitation device operable in both ordinary ground‐based as well as in potential space‐borne laboratories is described together with its various applications in the fields of fluid

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