Shape optimization of welded plate heat exchangers based on grey correlation theory

  title={Shape optimization of welded plate heat exchangers based on grey correlation theory},
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Optimization of thermal and flow characteristics of plate heat exchanger with variable structure parameter

The plate heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchanger, which has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient and compact structure compared with other heat exchangers. The CFD

Design and Optimization of Gasketed-Plate Heat Exchanger using Bees Algorithm

In the present study, the hydraulic-thermal design and optimization of a gasketed-plate heat exchanger (GPHE) with an objective function of heat exchanger performance index (the amount of transferred

Design and thermal-hydraulic optimization of a shell and tube heat exchanger using bees algorithm

The present study modifies the structural design of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger (STHE) by considering two key parameters such as the maximization of the overall heat transfer coefficient and

Review of shape and topology optimization for design of air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers.

This paper presents a comprehensive literature review investigating air-to-refrigerant HX shape and topology optimization, identifying key research gaps and proposing future research directions for Hx shape andTopology optimization.

Thermokinetic Behavior and Microcharacterization during the Spontaneous Combustion of 1/3 Coking Coal

ABSTRACT Thermal analysis was used to investigate the oxidation and heat-release characteristics of four coal samples from the Huainan mining area in China. Temperature and the evolution of heat and



CFD analysis of two types of welded plate heat exchangers

ABSTRACT A numerical and experimental study has been carried out on the heat transfer and fluid flow in two types of welded plate heat exchangers (PHEs). A new approach providing a proper clearance