Shape matching and object recognition using shape contexts


This paper presents my work on computing shape models that are computationally fast and invariant basic transformations like translation, scaling and rotation. In this paper, I propose shape detection using a feature called shape context. Shape context describes all boundary points of a shape with respect to any single boundary point. Thus it is descriptive of the shape of the object. Object recognition can be achieved by matching this feature with a priori knowledge of the shape context of the boundary points of the object. Experimental results are promising on handwritten digits, trademark images.

DOI: 10.1109/34.993558

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@article{Belongie2002ShapeMA, title={Shape matching and object recognition using shape contexts}, author={Serge J. Belongie and Jitendra Malik and Jan Puzicha}, journal={2010 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology}, year={2002}, volume={9}, pages={471-474} }