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Shape-controlled crystal growth of Y$_3$Al$_5$O$_{12}$:Ce single crystals with application of micro-pulling-down method and Mo crucibles, and their scintillation properties

  title={Shape-controlled crystal growth of Y\$\_3\$Al\$\_5\$O\$\_\{12\}\$:Ce single crystals with application of micro-pulling-down method and Mo crucibles, and their scintillation properties},
  author={Masao Yoshino and Atsushi Kotaki and Yuui Yokota and Takahiko Horiai and Akira Yoshikawa},
The technology to grow single crystals of the required shape directly from a melt has been researched extensively and developed in various industries and research fields. In this study, a micro-pulling-down method and a Mo crucible were applied to the shape-controlled crystal growth of Y3Al5O12:Ce (YAG:Ce). Three types of Mo crucibles with different die shapes were developed. Stable crystal growth in the same shape as the die was achieved, and scintillation properties that are comparable with… 

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