Shape and Significance of Feminine Beauty: An Evolutionary Perspective

  title={Shape and Significance of Feminine Beauty: An Evolutionary Perspective},
  author={Devendra Singh and D. K. Singh},
  journal={Sex Roles},
Evolutionary and feminist perspectives on female beauty are compatible in some respects, such as the oppressive and destructive outcomes for women as a consequence of the importance attached to female beauty. The perspectives tend to differ on the issue of the origins of (some) beauty standards. Evolutionary scientists have proposed that beauty is a reliable cue for women’s health and fertility. However, as the factors regulating health and reproductive capabilities cannot be directly observed… 

Bodily Attractiveness as a Window to Women’s Fertility and Reproductive Value

In this chapter, we examine, from an ultimate perspective, how and why various bodily traits—leg length, foot size, breast size, body shape (waist-to-hip ratio), and body size (body mass

Feminism and the Evolution of Sex Differences and Similarities

Distrust between most evolutionary psychologists and most feminist psychologists is evident in the majority of the articles contained in this Special Issue. The debates between proponents of these

The beauty myth: Prescriptive beauty norms for women reflect hierarchy-enhancing motivations leading to discriminatory employment practices.

Supporting the hypothesis that the PBN represents a contemporary, subtle replacement for traditional hierarchy-maintaining ideologies that have lost their influence in modern secular society, Social Dominance Orientation correlated with PBN endorsement among secular more than among religious respondents.

Evolutionary Psychology and Feminism

This article provides a historical context of evolutionary psychology and feminism, and evaluates the contributions to this special issue of Sex Roles within that context. We briefly outline the

The Role of Body Size in Mate Selection among African American Young Adults

Results showed that overweight women were more likely to report casually dating than women in the thinnest weight category, and that body size was not related to dating status among men.

Assessment of Waist-to-Hip Ratio Attractiveness in Women: An Anthropometric Analysis of Digital Silhouettes

Male preferences for female WHR are investigated using a high precision assessment procedure and digitally manufactured, high quality, anthropometrically informed stimuli which were disentangled from body mass covariation.

Preferred Female Body Proportions Among Child-Free Men

Heterosexual undergraduate men (N = 67) indicated their ideal (most arousing) female body type on-line by means of an adjustable female figure and the desire to remain childfree was linked to erotic preference for a combination of smaller breasts and larger waist-to-hip ratio.

The Evolution of Feminine Beauty

If you enter the word “beauty” in a search engine, almost all the pictures you will see appear on your computer screen are of attractive young women. In Western society, the concept of beauty is



Role of Body Fat and Body Shape on Judgment of Female Health and Attractiveness: An Evolutionary Perspective

The main aim of this paper is to present an evolutionary perspective for why women’s attractiveness is assigned a great importance in practically all human societies. We present the data that the

Female mate value at a glance: relationship of waist-to-hip ratio to health, fecundity and attractiveness.

Cross-cultural and historical data are presented that suggest that the relationship between WHR and female attractiveness is not culture-specific and not inculcated by modern Western fashion dictates or media.

Adaptive significance of female physical attractiveness: role of waist-to-hip ratio.

  • D. Singh
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1993
It is suggested that WHR represents an important bodily feature associated with physical attractiveness as well as with health and reproductive potential that influences female attractiveness and its role in mate selection.

Ethnic and gender consensus for the effect of waist-to-hip ratio on judgment of women’s attractiveness

Results show that neither Indonesian nor Afro-American subjects judge overweight figures as attractive and healthy regardless of the size of WHR, which suggests that various cultural groups have similar criteria for judging the ideal woman’s shape.

Studies of human physique and sexual attractiveness: Sexual preferences of men and women in China

Results support the view that sexual selection has influenced the evolution of human physique and sexual attractiveness in men and women.

Evolutionary biology and feminism

It is demonstrated how insight provided by participation in life as woman and also as a feminist suggests testable hypotheses about the evolution of social behavior—hypotheses that are applicable to the authors' investigations of the evolutionof social behavior in nonhuman animals.

Preadolescents' Perceptions of Females' Body Size and Shape: Evolutionary and Social Learning Perspectives

One hundred and sixty-five Mexican American and Euro-American preadolescents' and their parents' perceptions of healthy and attractive female body sizes and shapes were examined in this study.