Shape Effect of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester on Vibration Power Generation

  title={Shape Effect of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester on Vibration Power Generation},
  author={Kiryu and Gunma and Yangzhou},
  journal={Journal of Power and Energy Engineering},
Vibration energy harvesting is widely recognized as the useful technology for saving energy. The piezoelectric energy harvesting device is one of energy harvester and is used to operate certain types of MEMS devices. Various factors influence the energy regeneration efficiency of the lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric (PZT) devices in converting the mechanical vibration energy to the electrical energy. This paper presents the analytical and experimental evaluation of energy regeneration… Expand
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Performance improvement of piezoelectric materials in energy harvesting in recent days – a review
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Study on Energy Transfer Efficiency Analysis of Cantilever Type of Piezocomposit Vibration Energy Harvester (Evaluation of System Energy Balance and Power Generation Efficiency)
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Power Processing Circuits for Piezoelectric Vibration-Based Energy Harvesters
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On certain integrals of Lipschitz-Hankel type involving products of bessel functions
  • G. Eason, B. Noble, I. N. Sneddon
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1955
This paper is concerned with the evaluation and tabulation of certain integrals of the type (* 00 I(p, v; A) = J J fa t) ) e~cttxdt. In part I of this paper, a formula is derived for the integrals inExpand
A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
IN his deservedly celebrated treatise on “Sound,” the late Sir John Herschel felt himself justified in saying, “It is vain to conceal the melancholy truth. We are fast dropping behind. In MathematicsExpand