Shallow proton stripe GaAlAs DH lasers grown by MO-CVD

  title={Shallow proton stripe GaAlAs DH lasers grown by MO-CVD},
  author={R K Burnham and D R Scifres and William Streifer},
  journal={1981 International Electron Devices Meeting},
Stripe geometry lasers grown by MO-CVD lasing at 8260 Å (∼7% Al in the active region) were characterized. Pulsed current thresholds vary little with stripe width for 4, 6, and 8 µm. The lowest pulsed threshold was 31 mA for a 125-µm-long device. This laser with a 6 µm stripe exhibited a kink-free light output vs. current characteristic up to 15 mW/facet and had a differential quantum efficiency\eta_{D} \simeq 76%. The threshold currents and the increase of laser threshold with increasing cavity… CONTINUE READING