Shadowless rapidly rotating yet not ultraspinning Kerr- AdS4 and Kerr-Newman- AdS4 black holes

  title={Shadowless rapidly rotating yet not ultraspinning Kerr-
 and Kerr-Newman-
 black holes},
  author={Di Wu and Puxun Wu and Hongwei Yu},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We find that the Kerr-(Newman)-AdS4 black hole will be shadowless if its rotation parameter is larger than a critical value and the shadowless-ness may be related to the appearance of the null hypersurface caustics (NHC) both inside the Cauchy horizon and outside the event horizon for the black hole with the rotation parameter beyond the critical value. Our studies also further confirm that whether an ultraspinning black hole is superentropic or not is unrelated to the existence of the NHC… 

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