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Shadow Extra Dimensions&Fuzzy Branes with an Exorcized Spectrum

  title={Shadow Extra Dimensions\&Fuzzy Branes with an Exorcized Spectrum},
  author={Florian Nortier},
Particle physics models with extra dimensions of space (EDS’s) and branes allow to shed new light on naturalness of the electroweak and flavor sectors, with a rich TeV scale phenomenology. Usually, such models are formulated in the framework of local effective field theories. The scope of this article is to propose new model building issues with EDS and branes, arising in the framework of string-inspired infinite derivative quantum field theories (QFT’s), which are perturbatively exorcized… 

Comment on"Braneworld Effective Field Theories -- Holography, Consistency and Conformal Effects"

Several arguments given in Ref. [1] suggest that braneworld effective models with fields strictly localized on δ-like branes cannot be UV-completed by a fundamental theory including gravity, i.e.

Re-normalisable Non-local Quark-Gluon Interaction: Mass Gap, Chiral Symmetry Breaking&Scale Invariance

We derive a Nambu--Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model from a non-local gauge theory and show that it has confining properties at low energies. In particular, we present an extended approach to non-local QCD



Shadow Extra Dimension & Fuzzy Branes via Exorcized Infinite Derivative Field Theory

Particle physics models with extra dimensions of space (EDS's) and branes are very interesting extensions beyond the standard model (BSM), allowing to shed new light on electroweak and flavor

Compactified Spacelike Extra Dimension & Brane-Higgs Field

In the paradigm with a small warped Spacelike Extra Dimensions (SED), the Higgs field is in general localized at a boundary of the SED (TeV-brane) where the gravity scale is redshifted to the TeV by

Braneworld effective field theories — holography, consistency and conformal effects

  • S. Fichet
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2020
Braneworld theories are often described as low-energy effective field theories (EFTs) featuring an infinitely thin 3-brane and 4D fields exactly localized on it. We investigate whether an exactly

Flavor violation in theories with TeV scale quantum gravity

Beyond brane-Higgs regularization: Clarifying the method and model

The attractive class of higher-dimensional scenarios, based on a brane-localized Higgs boson coupled to bulk fermions, can address both the puzzle of the structure of the flavor space and the gauge

The Effective field theory of codimension-two branes

Distributional sources of matter on codimension-two and higher branes are only well-defined as regularized objects. Nevertheless, intuition from effective field theory suggests that the low-energy

Flavor at the TeV scale with extra dimensions

Theories where the Standard Model fields reside on a 3-brane, with a low fundamental cut-off and extra dimensions, provide alternative solutions to the gauge hierarchy problem. However, generating

Particle Physics of Brane Worlds and Extra Dimensions

The possibility that we live in a higher-dimensional world with spatial dimensions greater than three started with the early work of Kaluza and Klein. However, in addressing experimental constraints,