Shades of gay: Performance of girl-on-girl pornography and mobile authenticities

  title={Shades of gay: Performance of girl-on-girl pornography and mobile authenticities},
  author={Valerie Webber},
  pages={217 - 235}
Sexuality is often considered to be ‘naturally’ derived, and thus subject to discourses of authenticity. Through a discussion with non-exclusively heterosexual women performing lesbian sexuality in pornography, this article seeks to complicate ideas surrounding performance and authenticity. I argue that performance itself, by reiterating certain culturally salient codes, determines what is generally viewed as ‘authentic’. In addition, I argue that ‘authenticity’ is a mobile descriptor that may… 
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Supervisory Committee Dr. Joan Martin, (Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies) Supervisor Dr. Susan Tasker, (Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies)
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