Sh 2205 : I . The surrounding interstellar medium

  title={Sh 2205 : I . The surrounding interstellar medium},
  author={Gustavo AS Romero and Carola Cappa},
We investigate the distribution of the interstellar matter in the environs of the H ii region Sh2-205, based on neutral hydrogen 21–cm line data and radio continuum images at 408 and 1420 MHz obtained from the CGPS, CO (J=1→0) observations, high resolution IRAS data (HIRES), and MSX data. Sh2-205 can be separated in three independent optical structures: SH 149.25–0.0, SH148.83–0.67, and LBN148.11–0.45. The three regions are detected both at 408 and 1420 MHz. The derived spectral indices show… CONTINUE READING