Sexually dimorphic sterility phenotypes in HoxalO-deficient mice

  title={Sexually dimorphic sterility phenotypes in HoxalO-deficient mice},
  author={Ichiro Satokata and Gail Benson and R. J. L. M. Maas},
THE Abdominal B (AbdB) genes constitute a distinct subfamily of homeobox genes that exhibit posterior domains of expression1,2, including the genital imaginal disc in Drosophila and the develop-ing urogenital system in vertebrates3,4. We have mutated the AbdB gene Hoxal0 in mice. We report here that homozygotes are fully viable and show an anterior homeotic transformation of lumbar vertebrae. All male homozygotes manifest bilateral cryptorchidism resulting in severe defects in spermatogenesis… CONTINUE READING
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