Sexualized Violence Against Lesbians

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Lesbians are specifically targeted for human rights violations around the world because they are women and because they are sexual minorities. These abuses derive from sanctioned discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation and are often in the form of sexual violence, such as rape, forced sodomy, or sexual slavery as punishment for not conforming to sexual and gender norms. Consistent violations of lesbians exist worldwide. Yet, these abuses escalate during times of internal or… Expand
Sexual minorities in conflict zones: A review of the literature
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Sexuality and the asylum process : the perspectives of lesbians seeking asylum in the UK
The 1951 Refugee Convention aims to provide international legal protection to all asylum seekers. Individuals making asylum claims based on persecution which relates to their sexual orientationExpand


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IT is probably true to say that the prestige of the United Nations Organisation has fallen as much in twelve months as that of the League of Nations fell in as many years. Disillusionment andExpand
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