Sexuality vs. sensuality: The multimodal construction of affective stance in Chinese ASMR performances*

  title={Sexuality vs. sensuality: The multimodal construction of affective stance in Chinese ASMR performances*},
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Close-up and Whispering: An Understanding of Multimodal and Parasocial Interactions in YouTube ASMR videos
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has grown to immense popularity on YouTube and drawn HCI designers’ attention to its effects and applications in design. YouTube ASMR creators incorporate
The Lothian Diary Project: sociolinguistic methods during the COVID-19 lockdown
Abstract The Lothian Diary Project is an interdisciplinary effort to collect self-recorded audio or video diaries of people’s experiences of COVID-19 in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. In this paper
Intimate consumptions
Abstract In this paper, I investigate how the structure of and discursive performance on North American YouTube eating shows contribute to the creation of intimacy and informality. In a typical
Language, gender and sexuality in 2020
The Global South is a postcolonial imagined community that bears the potential to imagine powerful south-south solidarity between the struggles for decoloniality of diverse populations across the
Linguistic constraint, social meaning, and multi-modal stylistic construction: Case studies from Mandarin pop songs
While the sociolinguistic variable is often deemed the carrier of social meaning, recent work reveals that the strength of social meaning can interact with linguistic environments. This study
Male Writers of Dānměi Literature: An Analysis of Fēitiānyèxiáng
  • Aiqing Wang
  • Art
    Heritage of Nusantara: International Journal of Religious Literature and Heritage
  • 2021
In this paper, I investigate dānměi as a ground-breaking literary genre by means of scrutinising an illustrious male writer pseudonymed Fēitiānyèxiáng, and I propound that his works are exemplary as
Affective trouble: a Jewish/Palestinian heterosexual wedding threatening the Israeli nation-state?
ABSTRACT The aim of this article is to analyze the reactions of some mainstream Israeli politicians to a celebrity marriage between Tzahi Halevi, a Jewish Israeli actor, and Lucy Aharish, a
Styles, standards and meaning
Style, in the study of variation and change, is intimately linked with broader questions about linguistic innovation and change, standards, social norms, and individual speakers’ stances. This


Full Tone to Sound Feminine: Analyzing the Role of Tonal Variants in Identity Construction
Tone neutralization in Standard Mandarin requires syllables in a weakly-stressed position to be destressed and toneless (Chao, 1968), yet such a process is often incomplete in some Mandarin dialects,
Eating together multimodally: Collaborative eating in mukbang, a Korean livestream of eating
Abstract Mukbang is a Korean livestream where a host eats while interacting with viewers. The eater ‘speaks’ to the viewers while eating and the viewers ‘type’ to each other and to the eater through
Live-streaming, games and politics of gender performance: The case of Nüzhubo in China
In the emerging scholarship on live-streaming sites, the role of gender has been relatively overlooked. This article aims to address this oversight by capturing the controversial rise of nüzhubo
China bans ASMR videos citing “vulgar and pornographic content”
  • The Verge
  • 2018
More than a feeling: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology
Testing the emotional and physiological correlates of the ASMR response indicates that ASMR is a reliable and physiologically-rooted experience that may have therapeutic benefits for mental and physical health.
There’s a massive internet community that’s obsessed with videos of “brain‐tingling” sounds, and the people who make them earn thousands of dollars a month
  • Business Insider US
  • 2018
Why PayPal’s crackdown on ASMR creators should worry you
  • Engadget
  • 2018
"This FEELS SO REAL!" Sense and sexuality in ASMR videos
This essay draws on affect and performance studies to conduct an analysis of these YouTube videos — using specific examples from the ASMRtist Olivia Kissper as case studies — in order to explore how media infrastructures produce the incarnation of sexuality through the process of mediated intimacy.