Sexuality of mitochondria: fusion, recombination, and plasmids.

  title={Sexuality of mitochondria: fusion, recombination, and plasmids.},
  author={Sunao Kawano and Hiroyasu Takano and Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa},
  journal={International review of cytology},
Mitochondrial fusion, recombination, and mobile genetic elements, which are essential for mitochondrial sexuality, are well established in various organisms. The recombination of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depends upon fusion between parental mitochondria, and between their mtDNA-containing areas (mt-nuclei), to allow pairing between the parental mtDNAs. Such mitochondrial fusion followed by recombination may be called "mitochondrial sex." We have identified a novel mitochondrial plasmid named… CONTINUE READING

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