Sexuality and Motherhood: Mutually Exclusive in Perception of Women

  title={Sexuality and Motherhood: Mutually Exclusive in Perception of Women},
  author={Ariella Friedman and H Weinberg and Ayala Malach Pines},
  journal={Sex Roles},
The purpose of the present two studies was todemonstrate the existence of a split between motherhoodand sexuality in men's and women's perception of awoman, and to explore the effects gender, parental status and age have on it. In the first study,117 men and 121 women (ages 20-60) all Jewish, werepresented with one of three descriptions of a targetwoman varying her level of sexuality. They were told that she is married, has two children and worksoutside her home, and were asked to rate her on… 

MILFS and Matrons: Images and Realities of Mothers’ Sexuality

Motherhood and sexual appeal are rarely linked in Western culture. There seems to be a notion that once a woman has children she is first and foremost an example, and must be responsible and

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At first glance, the contemporary phenomenon of MILF (standing for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”) in both pornography and popular culture seems to stand as an antidote for the desexualization of women

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Although postpartum recovery and women’s sexual behavior have received significant attention, little is known about the experiences of mothers with young children. Socially constructed images of

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Research in the field of HIV acknowledges the existence of social constructs, including the incongruity between HIV, motherhood and sexuality, which may add to the psychosocial burden of an HIV

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Introduction: This multiphase qualitative study explored the understanding of middle-aged women‘s sexuality and sexual difficulties and the way they address these difficulties. Nurses‘ and midwives‘

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A distinct way forward is presented for research on low sexual desire in women partnered with men that attends to a more structural explanation: heteronormativity.

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Perceptions of breastfeeding women were studied in a sample of 201 predominately European American college students. Both men and women had very positive perceptions of breastfeeding women as

Sleeping With Younger Men: Women’s Accounts of Sexual Interplay in Age-Hypogamous Intimate Relationships

  • M. Alarie
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 2019
It is argued that women’s perceptions of younger men as fantasizing about sexually experienced women altered the gender power dynamics, ultimately facilitating the modification of interpersonal sexual scripts.

Perceptions of Women’s Sexuality Within the Context of Motherhood

For women, the transition to motherhood is often a time period filled with excitement, changes, and challenges. Mothers often face changes in their own sexuality in their adjustment to motherhood.

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A study of 155 males and 222 females all sophomores and juniors at the University of Colorado revealed a premarital coital rate for women of 41% and a 60% coital rate for men. These figures were

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The patterning of sexual interaction in male-female dyads and the links between sexual behavior and emotional intimacy were investigated as part of a two-year study of college dating couples. Despite

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Sex differences in vulnerability and maladjustment as a function of parental investment: an evolutionary approach.

Sex differences in aspects of mental health are examined as a function of uneven parental investment in children, and women invest more than men, and hence they are more vulnerable, anxious, and depressed.

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Basow continues to present a balanced view of the literature on both men and womens gender roles, with thorough attention to the empirical research. In a field that is generating research at an

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Preferential Thinking * What Is the Problem? * The Normality of Prejudgment * Formation of In-Groups * Rejection of Out-Groups * Patterning and Extent of Prejudice Group Differences * The Scientific

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Part II. Sexual Selection (continued): 12. Secondary sexual characters of fishes, amphibians and reptiles 13. Secondary sexual characters of birds 14. Birds (continued) 15. Birds (continued) 16.

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