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Sexuality Education for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Critical Issues and Decision Making Guidelines

  title={Sexuality Education for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Critical Issues and Decision Making Guidelines},
  author={J. Travers and M. Tincani},
  journal={Education and training in autism and developmental disabilities},
  • J. Travers, M. Tincani
  • Published 2010
  • Psychology
  • Education and training in autism and developmental disabilities
Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) present unique needs regarding sexuality educa- tion. While the topic of sexuality has received increased attention in the fields of intellectual and developmental disabilities generally, less consideration has focused on the unique needs of individuals with ASD specifically. This paper presents one position in support of sexuality education for children and adolescents with ASD. The nature of human sexuality is discussed to provide a context for… Expand
As people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) mature from adolescents into adults, social deficits may become more pronounced and apparent in new areas (e.g., social functioning and sexuality). LikeExpand
Ethical Considerations in Providing Sexuality Education to People With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sexuality education is a sensitive topic as the norms surrounding sexuality education differ across cultures. It is even more sensitive when providing education to people with disabilities as societyExpand
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Adolescence, and Sexuality Education: Suggested Interventions for Mental Health Professionals
Physical and emotional changes occurring during adolescence can present serious challenges to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Social skills deficits may become more pronounced andExpand
Addressing Sexuality in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Current Pediatric Practices and Barriers
The most common barriers to providing comprehensive sexuality-related care to youth with ASD included logistical barriers, pediatrician and parent discomfort, lack of training, and absence of information and materials to help pediatricians address sexuality in this population. Expand
Sexuality Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
This chapter discusses the issue of sexuality education for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A brief review of the history of sexuality education in the USA is included with specialExpand
Brief Report: Parent–Child Sexuality Communication and Autism Spectrum Disorders
An online survey was administered to 190 parents of adolescents with ASD in order to better understand sexuality communication patterns between parents and adolescents with both low and high functioning ASD. Expand
The Effectiveness of a Brief Sexuality Education Intervention for Parents of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Abstract Parents are often responsible for educating their child about sexuality and relationships, yet many parents may not be aware of the sexuality-related topics to teach. Sexuality education isExpand
Family Sexuality Communication for Adolescent Girls on the Autism Spectrum
It is discussed how most parents covered important basics, but many did not cover more nuanced relationship or sexual health topics during family sexuality communication, suggesting potential utilization barriers such as a lack of affordable and available resources. Expand
Providing Education on Sexuality and Relationships to Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Parents
Adolescents with ASD show interest in and desire for relationships, yet deficits in social and communication skills characteristic of ASD may impair their ability to seek and maintain relationships.Expand
Autism and Intellectual Disability: A Systematic Review of Sexuality and Relationship Education
Individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, including Autism (ASD) and intellectual disability (ID), have a right and need for appropriate sexuality and relationship education (SRE). TheseExpand


A Review of Sexuality Education Curricula: Meeting the Sexuality Education Needs of Individuals with Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities
The importance of sexuality education for students with moderate and severe disabilities has received increasing attention as these people have moved into community settings and as the idea of theirExpand
Social/sexual awareness of persons with autism: A parental perspective
The nonsignificant finding regarding verbal level and display of inappropriate sexual behaviors suggests that the need for sex education is best determined by the behaviors of the person rather than the functioning or verbal levels. Expand
Sexual Behaviors in Autism: Problems of Definition and Management
After failure of behavioral and educational programs, leuprolide, an injectable antiandrogen, resulted in suppression of behaviors and retention of the participants' community placement and a case report that highlights the difficulties of management is described. Expand
Barriers to the Development of Intimate Relationships and the Expression of Sexuality among People with Developmental Disabilities: Their Perceptions
In discussions pertaining to the sexuality of people with developmental disabilities, the voices of individuals with developmental disabilities often go unheard. In this article, we explored the waysExpand
Sexuality and Adolescents with Autism
Appropriate education in sexuality is critical to the development of a person's positive self-esteem. The development of a healthy self-image may overcome potential feelings of depression andExpand
High-functioning autism and sexuality
  • M. Stokes, Archana Kaur
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Autism : the international journal of research and practice
  • 2005
It was found that only parental concerns about their child distinguished between typical adolescents and those with HFA, and specialized sex education programmes with a social interaction emphasis should be considered for this group. Expand
Challenges to Treating Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome Who are Sexually Abusive
Clinicians as well as the general public have encountered an increasing amount of information available regarding Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and high functioning autism. While children with Asperger'sExpand
Sexual attitudes and knowledge of high-functioning adolescents and adults with autism
Interviewed 21 high-functioning adults with autism and 20 mildly to moderately mentally retarded adults without autism about sexuality and dating. Sexual knowledge and interest were assessed by aExpand
Behavioral Risk Management: Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Who Exhibit Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors
Community-based services to address inappropriate and offensive sexual behaviors are perhaps the least developed of all interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities. This articleExpand
Attitudes towards Sexuality, Sterilization and Parenting Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
Background and Methods  We review articles pertaining to attitudes towards sexuality, sterilization, procreation and parenting by people with intellectual disabilities. Most empirical studies wereExpand