Sexuality, hormones and the menopausal transition.

  title={Sexuality, hormones and the menopausal transition.},
  author={Lorraine Dennerstein and Emma C Dudley and John L. Hopper and H. G. Burger},
  volume={26 2},
OBJECTIVES To assess the validity and reliability of a sexuality questionnaire, and to assess the relationship of sexual functioning to age, menopausal status and hormone levels. METHODS Cross-sectional analysis of a population-based cohort of 201 women aged 48-58 years in the fourth year of a longitudinal study. Sexual functioning was measured by self-completed questionnaire. E2, FSH. Inhibin, total T and SHBG were sampled on cycle days 4-8 or after 3 months of amenorrhoea. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING