Sexuality, health, and human rights: self-identified priorities of indigenous women in Peru

  title={Sexuality, health, and human rights: self-identified priorities of indigenous women in Peru},
  author={Astrid Bant and Françoise Girard},
  journal={Gender \& Development},
  pages={247 - 256}
The link between sexuality and development is often not well understood, or it is thought to be a frivolous subject, to be addressed after other, more ‘important’ needs are met. But, from the perspective of indigenous women in Latin America, the right to control sexuality is in fact a crucial element in the improvement of their daily lives. Participatory assessments of health problems with Andean and Amazon women in Peru demonstrate that sexual-rights issues, particularly those related to… 

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Graduate School of Development Studies

vii Chapter 1 General Introduction 1-7 1.1 Background 1-3 1.2 Statement of the research problem 3-4 1.3 Objective of the study 4 1.4 Research questions 4-5 1.5 The research methodology 5 1.5.1 The

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En el presente trabajo se realiza una revision actualizada de la sexualidad y las relaciones de genero, a traves de una vision integral, utilizando ademas de la Ciencia de la Sexualidad, la Teoria de

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