Sexual trauma, spirituality, and psychopathology.

  title={Sexual trauma, spirituality, and psychopathology.},
  author={Mark J Krejci and Kevin Martin Thompson and Heather K. Simonich and Ross D. Crosby and Mary Ann Donaldson and Stephen A. Wonderlich and James E Mitchelle},
  journal={Journal of child sexual abuse},
  volume={13 2},
This study assessed the association between spirituality and psychopathology in a group of sexual abuse victims and controls with a focus on whether spirituality moderated the association between sexual trauma and psychopathology. Seventy-one sexual trauma victims were compared to 25 control subjects on spiritual well-being, the Eating Disorder Examination, the PTSD Symptom Scale, and the SCID-I/P. The data showed that the two groups did not differ in terms of spiritual well-being. Sexual… CONTINUE READING