Sexual side effects of novel antipsychotic medications.

  title={Sexual side effects of novel antipsychotic medications.},
  author={Donna Ames Wirshing and Joseph M. Pierre and Stephen R Marder and Christopher S. Saunders and William C. Wirshing},
  journal={Schizophrenia research},
  volume={56 1-2},
BACKGROUND The novel antipsychotic medications offer a more favorable extrapyramidal side effect profile than conventional agents. It is uncertain that the novel antipsychotics have a benefit in terms of sexual side effects. METHODS We prospectively administered a survey of sexual functioning to 25 male patients with DSM-IV schizophrenia, taking conventional and novel antipsychotics. Contrasts were made between three treatment groups: clozapine (CLOZ), risperidone (RIS), and a combined… CONTINUE READING


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