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Sexual practices in South African prisons from the perspective of Christian Ethics

  title={Sexual practices in South African prisons from the perspective of Christian Ethics},
  author={Frank Shayi},
Conjugal Visits in Prisons Discourse: Is it Even an Offender Rehabilitation Option in Africa?
Conjugal rights issue in prisons is indeed an old debate. This article reviewed the literature on the genesis of prisoners’ conjugal visits programme, its global prevalence and the scholarly debate
Isinangananga versus imbobo: negotiation of intimacy in South African female correctional centres
ABSTRACT Isinangananga (same-sex relationships) an abomination to some but a source of pleasure to others, is a word I heard throughout my prison journeys. Imbobo refers to heterosexual relationships


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The Urgings of Conscience: A Theory of Punishment
Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: A Metatheory of Punishment 1. Why Submit to Punishment? How to Justify Punishment * Submission to Punishment: A Brief History * The Need to Address the Question