Sexual motivation promotes oxytocin secretion in male rats.

  title={Sexual motivation promotes oxytocin secretion in male rats.},
  author={Viveka Hillegaart and Pawel Alster and Kerstin Uvn{\"a}s-Moberg and Sven Ahlenius},
  volume={19 1},
The present study examines plasma oxytocin levels in relation to performance of copulatory behavior in male rats. The animals were divided into three groups: A) home-cage controls, B) sexually naive and C) sexually experienced. Following 15 min of sexual interactions with a sexually proceptive female, brought into estrus by sequential injections of estradiol benzoate (12.5 micrograms animal-1, -48 h) and progesterone (0.5 mg animal-1, -6 h), the male rats were decapitated. Trunk blood was… CONTINUE READING

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