Sexual identity of 37 children raised by homosexual or transsexual parents.

  title={Sexual identity of 37 children raised by homosexual or transsexual parents.},
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  • R. Green
  • Published 1978
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The American journal of psychiatry
The author reports on 37 children who are being raised by female homosexuals or by parents who have changed sex (transsexuals): 21 by female homosexuals, 7 by male-to-female transsexuals, and 9 by female-to-male transsexuals. The children range in age from 3 to 20 years (mean = 9.3) and have lived in the sexually atypical households for 1-16 years (mean = 4.9). Thirty-six of the children report or recall childhood toy, game, clothing, and peer group preferences that are typical for their sex… Expand
Children of homosexuals and transsexuals more apt to be homosexual.
  • P. Cameron
  • Medicine
  • Journal of biosocial science
  • 2006
Findings suggest that parents' sexual inclinations influence their children's sexual orientation. Expand
Summary. Do the sexual inclinations of parents influence those of their children? Of 77 adult children of homosexual parents who volunteered for three different investigations, at least 23 (30%) wereExpand
The sexual development of the adolescent daughter of a homosexual mother.
  • G. A. Javaid
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry
  • 1983
Her self-identification in sexual partner preference subtly followed her mother's behavior in the initial adolescent years, and she later settled with a heterosexual self-label. Expand
Homosexuality and parenthood.
Concern about homosexuals as parents rests on three main planks. Firstly, homosexual parents might consciously or unconsciously provide inappropriate role models for sexual development-they mightExpand
Lesbian mothers and their children: A comparison with solo parent heterosexual mothers and their children
Data revealed more similarities than differences in parenting experiences, marital history, and present living situations of the two groups of mothers, and the postulated compromised parental fitness of lesbian mothers is not supported. Expand
The prehomosexual male child in three societies: The United States, Guatemala, Brazil
  • F. L. Whitam
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1980
The question raised by this article is: do the several behavioral indicators of male homosexuality, which emerge in childhood, appear cross-culturally, or are they limited to American society? TheseExpand
The Effects of Changing Sex Roles on Male Homosexuals
Any chapter dealing with male homosexuals’ roles needs to begin with the caution that the population studied is anything but clearly defined. For instance, one report1 indicates that differentExpand
Heterosexual and homosexual mothers' self-described sex-role behavior and ideal sex-role behavior in children
Self-descriptive scores and ratings assigned to an “ideal” child on the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) by heterosexual and homosexual mothers were compared, and no significant differences were found.Expand
Gay Fathers: How and Why They Disclose Their Homosexuality to Their Children
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Bisexual feelings and opposite-sex behavior in male Malaysian medical students
Results are discussed in light of results of a similar questionnaire completed by 138 male medical students in Sydney, Australia, in which there were correlations between current homosexual feelings and feminine sex dimorphic behavior during childhood and between current homosexuals feeling and feminine gender identity. Expand