Sexual dimorphism in mesiodistal dentin and enamel thickness.

  title={Sexual dimorphism in mesiodistal dentin and enamel thickness.},
  author={Jill Stroud and Peter H. Buschang and P W Goaz},
  journal={Dento maxillo facial radiology},
  volume={23 3},
This study evaluates sexual dimorphism in mesiodistal diameter, enamel thickness and dentin thickness of the permanent posterior mandibular dentition in order to gain a better understanding of variation in mesiodistal tooth size. The results relate to a sample of 59 males and 39 females, 20-35 years of age. Bitewing radiographs of the right permanent mandibular premolars and molars were illuminated and transferred at a fixed magnification to a computer via a video camera. Enamel and dentin… CONTINUE READING

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