Sexual behavior and activity in Chinese pregnant women

  title={Sexual behavior and activity in Chinese pregnant women},
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  • W. Y. Fok, L. Chan, P. Yuen
  • Published 1 October 2005
  • Education, Medicine, Sociology
  • Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Objective.  To evaluate sexual activities, attitudes, and complications related to intercourse among Chinese pregnant women and to study their source of the information. 
Prevalence of female sexual dysfunction during pregnancy among Egyptian women
The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of female sexual dysfunction during pregnancy in a sample of women from Egypt and to establish a baseline level of FSD.
Female sexual function and associated factors during pregnancy
Assessment of changes in female sexual function during pregnancy and associated factors among Turkish population using a validated questionnaire and Turkish pregnant women's beliefs regarding sexual activity and their source of information about sexuality during pregnancy are assessed.
Effectiveness of the PLISSIT Model-based Counseling on the Sexual Function of Couples during Pregnancy
To evaluate the impact of the PLISSIT model-based counseling on the sexual function of couples during pregnancy, a quasi-experimental study was carried out.
Evaluation of Sexual Function in Brazilian Pregnant Women
A positive association was detected between sexual dysfunction and gestational age and a report of urinary incontinence and excessive weight gain in the current pregnancy.
Sexual Initiative and Intercourse Behavior During Pregnancy Among Brazilian Women: A Retrospective Study
In general, women who took the sexual initiative showed better scores in the sexuality variables, and during pregnancy, the use of each sexual position reduced significantly.
Sexual Life During Pregnancy: Effect of an Educational Intervention on the Sexuality of Iranian Couples: A Quasiexperimental Study
Postintervention, the mean of the total score of sexual function and satisfaction of the couples was significantly higher in the intervention groups compared with the control group, suggesting sexuality education specific for prenatal care would be effective.
Predictors of sexual function during pregnancy
  • M. Seven, A. Akyüz, Ş. Güngör
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology : the journal of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 2015
Evaluating sexual functions of pregnant women and determining the factors affecting their sexual function found having partner at advanced age, a history of miscarriage, a health problem during previous pregnancy and a high level of anxiety were found to be factors negatively affecting sexual function.
Frequency and Perception of Sexual Activity during Pregnancy in Iranian Couples
Although the results showed that sexual intercourse had no adverse effect on the fetus and was a proper stimulus for the induction of delivery, its frequency was reduced during the gestational stage due to parents’ fear of adverse effects.
Frequency , perceptions and complications of sexual activity during pregnancy among a group of Nigerian women
Evaluating the frequency, practices, perceptions and safety of sexual intercourse during pregnancy among pregnant women in Jos, Nigeria found that all women were sexually active throughout pregnancy but with overall decrease coital frequency compared to the pre side, man on top and rear positions.


Sexuality and sexual activity in pregnancy
To evaluate women's sexual experience in pregnancy, and to describe their sources of information regarding sexuality during this period, a survey of women from around the world is conducted.
Sexual problems associated with infertility, pregnancy, and ageing
The ABC of sexual health is edited by John Tomlinson, physician at the Men’s Health Clinic, Winchester and London Bridge Hospital, and formerly general practitioner in Alton and honorary senior lecturer in primary care at the University of Southampton.
Sexuality and pregnancy. A prospective study.
Overall sexual satisfaction was correlated with feeling happy about being pregnant, feeling more attractive in late pregnancy than before pregnancy and experiencing orgasm, and decreases in sexual enjoyment, coital frequency and orgasm as pregnancy progressed.
[Sexuality and pregnancy].
The pregnancies women have different sexual behaviours and the health' professional should favour the complete enjoy of the sexuality during the pregnancy.
Premarital Sexual Activities Among Students in a University in Beijing, China
Today, more students are engaging in premarital sexual intercourse, and it is necessary to reinforce reproductive health education among college students and provide convenient and optional services that are easily accessed.
Changes in sexuality in women and men during pregnancy
  • L. Bogren
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1991
In a longitudinal study of couples expecting their first child many women experienced a diminished sexual desire, most commonly in the third trimester. Among men it was common only during the third
Premarital sexual behavior among Chinese college students in the United States
Differences in sexual attitudes and behaviors between Caucasian Americans and Chinese Americans and in terms of acculturation are discussed and gender differences were found in sexual experience: Chinese men were less experienced than Chinese women and those who dated only Caucasians were more sexually experienced.
Sexuality among pregnant women in South West Nigeria
A mixed-feeling effect with a tilt towards a positive attitude to sexuality in pregnancy is suggested and the health professional should favour the complete enjoyment of sexual activity during pregnancy.
Sexuality during pregnancy and after childbirth: a metacontent analysis of 59 studies.
A systematic overview of all existing studies on parental sexuality during pregnancy and the postpartum period is gained, finding interindividual variability concerning sexual responsiveness, orgasm, activity, and enjoyment is most remarkable.