Sexual and reproductive rights and the human rights agenda: controversial and contested

  title={Sexual and reproductive rights and the human rights agenda: controversial and contested},
  author={Wanda Nowicka},
  journal={Reproductive Health Matters},
  pages={119 - 128}
  • W. Nowicka
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Medicine
  • Reproductive Health Matters

Global health without sexual and reproductive health and rights? Analysis of United Nations documents and country statements, 2014–2019

The findings suggest that the global shift in politics and anti-SRHR actors at UN negotiations and conferences have removed previously agreed on language on SRHR from future UN resolutions and outcome documents.

Reproductive Health Policy in Tunisia

It is revealed that progress has been slow in terms of incorporating reproductive rights into the national reproductive health policy, and the implementation of this policy has fallen short, as demonstrated by regional inequities in the accessibility and availability of reproductive health services, the low quality of maternal health care services, and discriminatory practices.

Reproductive rights as human rights: stories from advocates in Brazil, India and South Africa

ABSTRACT Stories are central to building and upholding the concept of human rights across cultures. This project uses an advocacy-oriented perspective and original interviews to examine the

Revisiting Polish Abortion Law: Doctors and Institutions in a Restrictive Regime

This article examines the motivations of doctors operating in restrictive abortion regimes, and it takes Poland as a case study. It places in the foreground institutional and intra-professional

Proposal to inform European institutions regarding the regulation of conscientious objection to abortion

A set of proposals to inform European institutions in the regulation of Conscientious Objection to abortion are defined and specify measures on the rights of women, the rights and duties of the practitioner, the roles of institutions and the role of professional associations.

Criminalization of Women Accessing Abortion and Enforced Mobility within the European Union and the United Kingdom

Abstract The article explores the impact of criminalization and restricted abortion access in Poland, Italy, and parts of the United Kingdom. We look at the ways in which the partial and extensive

The Woman President

Too much attention is paid to the absence of women leaders around the world rather than their presence, leaving a gap in our understanding of the difference women leaders make on the lives of

exual and reproductive health of migrants : Does the U care ?

The results of a comprehensive literature review on migrants’ SRH in the EU applying the Critical Interpretive Synthesis review are reflected.

Reproductive Health Policy in Tunisia: Women's Right to Reproductive Health and Gender Empowerment.

Although Tunisia is regarded as a pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of women's status and rights, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, evidence points to a number



Constructing Access to Legal Abortion Services in Mexico City

Abortion Worldwide: A decade of uneven progress

The Guttmacher Institute gratefully acknowledges the general support it receives from individuals and founda-tions—including major grants from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David and

The uncertain future of the Ignalina Nuclear power plant: Lithuania's obligations under the treaty of accession to the EU

the fate of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) has been one of the most controversial issues during lithuania’s preparations for eu membership. Already in June 1997, the european Commission

Criminal Code of Ethiopia. At: < ∼ethiopialaws/criminalcode/ criminalcodepage.htm>. Reported in: New Ethiopian abortion law recognises women's rights [Round-Up

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