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Sexual abuse of children with disabilities: A national snapshot.

  title={Sexual abuse of children with disabilities: A national snapshot.},
  author={N. Smith and Sandra Harrell},
This issue brief provides a summary of the main findings that emerged from our work. It provides an overview of the latest research on the incidence and prevalence of sexual abuse of children with disabilities and discusses the dynamics of that abuse including the factors that contribute to its high prevalence, the status of prevention and intervention services designed to address this problem, and critical gaps and opportunities. 
Understanding and Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Youth
Abstract Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) are global public health problems. Both forms of sexual exploitation extract a considerable toll on victimsExpand
Public Policy and Sexuality Education for Youth with Disabilities: Impact on Sexual Behavior and Outcomes
This paper will examine the need for more aggressive public policies around bodily, reproductive and sexual health education for young people with disabilities in the United States. This paper willExpand
Promoting Healthy Sexuality for Children and Adolescents With Disabilities
This report aims to provide the pediatric health care provider with resources and tools for clinical practice to address the sexual development of children and youth with disabilities. Expand
Sexual Assault Victimization Among Children and Youth With Developmental Disabilities: Responding With Trauma-Informed Care.
The case of a youth with autism spectrum disorder who sought acute sexual assault care, but whose care was compromised because of multiple systems failures, including gaps in communication regarding her unique needs, and inconsistent knowledge among multidisciplinary team members regarding necessary adaptations in the implementation of trauma-informed care for youth with ASD is presented. Expand
Physically and Intellectually Disabled Children Safety : Impact of Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
Background: Children are our Nation’s most precious resource, but as children, they often lack the skills to protect themselves. It is our responsibility, as parents and teachers, to safeguardExpand
Creating Awareness of Sexual Abuse in Children with Special Education Needs: Depending on the Opinions of Teachers of the Mentally Handicapped
The purpose of this research is to determine what students and families should do in order to prevent sexual abuse in students who need special education, depending on the opinions of teachers ofExpand
Strengthening linkages between clinical and social / community services for children and adolescents who have experienced sexual violence: A companion guide.
This document serves as a companion guide to the 2012 Clinical Management of Children and Adolescents Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence: Technical Considerations for PEPFAR Programs which provides step-by-step guidance on the appropriate clinical / forensic care for children and adolescents who have experienced sexual violence and exploitation. Expand
Using a modified version of locus of control scale to explore children with disabilities’ perceived vulnerability to physical and sexual assault in three special schools in Ghana
Abstract This cross sectional study examined the locus of control and perceived vulnerability of children with disabilities to sexual and physical assault. One hundred and seven respondents sampledExpand
Rights of Children with Disability
Children with disability belong not only to the constituency of disabled children but also to that of the general children population. Both constituencies have specific conditions and circumstances,Expand
Effectiveness of the IMPACT:Ability program to improve safety and self-advocacy skills in high school students with disabilities.
Significantly greater improvement in key outcomes, including safety and self-advocacy knowledge, confidence, and behavior, were observed in intervention students compared to the wait-list group, and effects were demonstrated in a heterogeneous urban population. Expand


The association between child maltreatment and disabilities in a hospital-based epidemiological study.
Differences between the Hospital and Residential samples, maltreatment and perpetrator characteristics, disability/maltreatment relationships, and their implications for primary health care are discussed. Expand
Maltreatment and disabilities: a population-based epidemiological study.
The study established a significant association between the presence of an educationally relevant disability and maltreatment, and children with disabilities are 3.4 times more likely to be maltreated than nondisabled peers. Expand
Crime Victims with Developmental Disabilities
Rates of violence and abuse perpetrated on people with developmental disabilities (e.g., mental retardation, autism) appear significantly higher than for people without these disabilities. Few ofExpand
Annotation: The Abuse of Disabled Children
Open almost any recent social work magazine, or child protection text, and some reference to the abuse of disabled children will be included. Yet awareness of abuse within this group has resultedExpand
Victimisation of children with disabilities
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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault Svava Brooks, Speak for Change Kelly Buckland, National Council on Independent Living Debrynda Davey
  • Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault Svava Brooks, Speak for Change Kelly Buckland, National Council on Independent Living Debrynda Davey
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