Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy: Legal and Ethical Issues

  title={Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy: Legal and Ethical Issues},
  author={Ian Freckelton},
  journal={Psychiatry, Psychology and Law},
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  • I. Freckelton
  • Published 1 October 2013
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
The Ben Lewin film The Sessions has drawn attention again to the potential role for sexual surrogate partners and sex workers in enabling persons with disabilities and impairments to give expression to their sexual needs and desires. However, away from the big screen, the ethics of registered health practitioners in themselves engaging in such therapies are highly problematic. Difficult too is the role of such practitioners in being ‘the therapist’ responsible for enabling or brokering sexual… 
Using Surrogate Partner Therapy in Counseling: Treatment Considerations
Although there is a lack of research and evidence-based practice information, the available literature demonstrates that surrogate partner therapy is an effective intervention that can enhance treatment for clients struggling with sexuality and intimacy issues.
Sex workers’ narratives about clients with disabilities: can training improve sexual health in Portugal?
Abstract People with disabilities face barriers that limit their sexual lives. In Portugal, some individuals with physical impairments have shown interest in resorting to sexual assistance provided
Prostitutes, Sex Surrogates and Sugar Babies
Prostitution is a categorically moral activity, sexual surrogacy and sexual assistance are hypothetically moral, while sugaring is hypothetically immoral. First, some moral objections to prostitution
Sexual Assistance for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Proposal for a Service Delivery Model
It is argued that the proposed figure of support staff for sexual behavior requires specific accreditation, training, and monitoring and is aligned with the Supports paradigm to better meet the health and behavior needs of users.


[Ethical issues concerning surrogate assisted sex therapy].
The authors illuminate the complexity of this therapy process, as well as dealing with some of the ethical issues that are raised, and identifies types of patients who can benefit from surrogate therapy.
Incorporating Sexual Surrogacy into The Ontario Direct Funding Program
People with disabilities in the Canadian province of Ontario who may not have access to sexual partners and who are seeking greater personal fulfillment should have the cost of sexual surrogates incorporated into their government-sponsored personalized funding program in order to access this critical aspect of disability rehabilitation whose fundamental objective is the achievement of sexual self-esteem.
The myth of the surrogate
Abstract There is as yet no method in general use comparable to couple sex therapy for the treatment of individuals. It is proposed that the development of such a method is impeded not only by the
The aetiology and Treatment of Sex Disorders: The Socio-Sexual Parameters of a male patient sample and the results of a programme using surrogate partner therapy.
  • M. Cole
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    B.A.B.P. bulletin
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Information collected from approximately one hundred males with sex disorders was analysed in order to attempt to identify some of the causes of the more important sex dysfunctions in men. Those
The ethical use of touch in psychotherapy
PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The Physiology of Touch The Influence of Touch on Socialization Traditions of Touch within Various Cultures Traditions of Touch in Psychotherapy PART
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