Sexual Selection

  title={Sexual Selection},
  author={Griet Vandermassen},
  journal={European Journal of Women's Studies},
  pages={26 - 9}
Today the modern Darwinian theory of evolution is the unifying theory within the biological sciences. A consideration of its implications for feminism is, however, impossible without a critical evaluation of its history of male bias. The aim of this article is therefore threefold. First, to explain what sexual selection entails. Second, to discuss male bias in and feminist reactions to Darwinian theory in general and sexual selection theory in particular. Third, to demonstrate that it would be… 
Sexual Selection Revisited — Towards a Gender-Neutral Theory and Practice
In a recent issue of this journal, Vandermassen suggested that feminists should include sexual selection theory and evolutionary psychology in a unifying theory of human nature. In response, this
Can Darwinian Feminism Save Female Autonomy and Leadership in Egalitarian Society?
As a Darwinian feminist I welcome any attempt at correcting the historical neglect of women’s roles in human evolution, as Rebecca J. Hannagan (2008, in this issue) does in her paper “Gendered
The Darwinian Mystique? Synthesizing Evolutionary Psychology and Feminism
Feminism involves sociocultural criticisms of existing patriarchy. Although evolutionary psychology principles are held in distrust by some feminist scholars, the two perspectives are not
There is growing interest in a feminist perspective on evolutionary research, yet no clear consensus on exactly what this viewpoint entails. We present a framework with three core components for the
Evolutionary Psychology is Compatible with Equity Feminism, but Not with Gender Feminism: A Reply to Eagly and Wood (2011)
  • B. Kuhle
  • Psychology
    Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
  • 2012
It is concluded that although evolutionary psychology is eminently compatible with equity feminism, evolutionary psychology and feminist psychology will conflict as long as the latter adheres to gender feminism and its unwillingness to acknowledge the evidence for evolved psychological sex differences.
Sex Differences in Sexual Desires and Attitudes in Norwegian Samples
Despite highly replicable predictable differences between the sexes on various sexual desires and attitudes, critics  of evolutionary perspectives  argue against the biological origins of such
The Evolutionary Feminism of Zhang Kangkang and the Developing Dialogue between Darwinism and Gender Studies
This dissertation studies the work of Zhang Kangkang (a contemporary Chinese woman writer, 1950) in the light of evolutionary feminism (also called Darwinian feminism, which studies gender issues
the science of rape: (mis)constructions of women's trauma in evolutionary theory
The social sciences are witnessing renewed enthusiasm for sociobiological accounts of human behaviour. Feminist theory has, understandably, tended to engage cautiously with biological reasoning,
Challenging the Dichotomy of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Values: Feminist Values and Evolutionary Psychology
This paper argues against a dichotomous divide between cognitive and non-cognitive values and for the possibility of a dual role for feminist values by analyzing the influence of feminist values on evolutionary psychology and evolutionary biology.


The evolutionary origins of patriarchy
It is argued that feminist analyses of patriarchy should be expanded to address the evolutionary basis of male motivation to control female sexuality, and six hypotheses are proposed to explain how this unusual degree of gender inequality came about.
The Woman That Never Evolved
Sarah Hrdy demolishes myths about sexually passive, "coy", compliant and exclusively nurturing females and expands the concept of female nature to include the range of selection pressures on females, and reminds the reader of the complexity and dynamism of the evolutionary story.
Sexual Dialectics, Sexual Selection, and Variation in Reproductive Behavior
In this chapter I have tried to suggest gender-neutral ways to conceptualize some of the ideas that have appeared to short-shift females in the past, and some of those that have enamored me about females and female agency.
Evolutionary biology and feminism
It is demonstrated how insight provided by participation in life as woman and also as a feminist suggests testable hypotheses about the evolution of social behavior—hypotheses that are applicable to the authors' investigations of the evolutionof social behavior in nonhuman animals.
Forces and Strategies in Evolution. (Book Reviews: Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man, 1871-1971)
This volume significantly broadens the scope of modern evolutionary biology by looking at this important and long neglected concept of great importance, sexual selection, and considers many aspects of sexual selection in many species, including man, within the context of contemporary evolutionary theory and research.
A Darwinian Left : politics, evolution, and cooperation
In this ground-breaking book, a renowned bioethicist argues that the political left must radically revise its outdated view of human nature. He shows how the insights of modern evolutionary theory,
Feminism and Behavioral Evolution: A Taxonomy
An overview of some of the intellectual variants among evolutionary biologists and among feminists is presented, and a general taxonomy is offered that may enable us to be specific about what kind of evolutionary biology and what kinds of feminism the authors wish to support or critique.
Darwinian Medicine Dawning in a Feminist Light
This research examines disease processes and physiological functions in an adaptive context, focusing on human diseases in part, because of the parallel tradition in conventional medicine.
The "Nature" of Sex Differences: Myths of Male and Female
Diversity, individual variation, and change are of greater importance than stasis or consistency and one should be wary about statements concerning the evolutionary basis for X or the explanation for the evolution of Y.
A mind of her own: The Evolutionary Psychology Of Women
* A highly controversial book challenging current evolutionary thinking on women * A new book in the popular field of evolutionary psychology * Accessible and dynamic account of evolutionary