Sexual Selection, Seminal Coagulation and Copulatory Plug Formation in Primates

  title={Sexual Selection, Seminal Coagulation and Copulatory Plug Formation in Primates},
  author={A. Dixson and M. Anderson},
  journal={Folia Primatologica},
  pages={63 - 69}
  • A. Dixson, M. Anderson
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Folia Primatologica
  • This study examines the question of whether multipartner matings by female primates, with resulting sperm competition among males, may have favored the evolution of biochemical mechanisms to enhance seminal coagulationand copulatory plug formation. Comparative ratings of seminal coagulation (using a four-point scale where 1 = no coagulation and 4 = copulatory plug formation) were obtained for 40 species representing 26 primate genera. Coagulation ratings were highest (mean = 3.64) in those… CONTINUE READING
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