Sexual Scripts and the Sexual Behavior of Men and Women Who Use Pornography

  title={Sexual Scripts and the Sexual Behavior of Men and Women Who Use Pornography},
  author={Ana J. Bridges and Chyng Feng Sun and Matthew B. Ezzell and Jennifer Anne Johnson},
  journal={Sexualization, Media, \& Society},
Using data collected from 1,880 heterosexual men and women residing in the United States, this study investigated the associations among gender, pornography consumption, and 20 sexual behaviors observed in popular pornography. Acts were grouped according to whether participants reported engaging or being interested in trying specific sexual behaviors as the (a) aggressor (e.g., hairpulling, spanking, or choking), (b) target (e.g., being spanked or choked), or (c) uncommon and/or degrading… 

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I (Dis)Like it Like That: Gender, Pornography, and Liking Sex
It was revealed that pornography consumption, overall, was not significantly correlated with increased enjoyment of the sexual acts that comprise the pornographic sexual script, but gender was a significant moderating factor in the enjoyment, specifically, of degrading and/or uncommon acts.
Associations Between Pornography Consumption, Sexual Flexibility, and Sexual Functioning Among Austrian Adults
Some women may expand their sexual scripts and learn new sexual behaviors from pornography consumption, which may help with their sexual functioning, which is in line with previous studies that found no significant associations between men’s pornography consumption and sexual functioning in men.
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Testing the hypothesis that the more realistic pornography is perceived to be by young adults, the more likely they are to experience and engage in sexual aggression, pornography realism was a positive predictor of risky sexual scripts, risky sexual behavior, and acceptance of sexual coercion.
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Clinicians need to be aware of recent potential shifts in sexual behaviors, particularly those such as choking that may lead to harm, as well as the associations between pornography use and sexual behaviors was statistically significant.
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Pornography use has become more commonplace since the advent of high-speed Internet, yet there is little investigation that is exclusively targeted to women’s use of pornography. Given the paradox of
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  • Psychology
    Communication Research
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Using four separate national probability metasamples of adults in the United States, two measures of pornography consumption, two measures of sexual attitudes, and two measures of sexual behavior,
Bridging the Theoretical Gap: Using Sexual Script Theory to Explain the Relationship Between Pornography Use and Sexual Coercion
Results of the study provide further support for the sexual script theory as a way to explain the relationship between pornography use and sexual behavior, and, in particular, sexually coercive behavior and suggest that pornography use is a multidimensional construct comprised of variables extending beyond frequency of use.
Pornography Consumption, Perceptions of Pornography as Sexual Information, and Condom Use
Findings point toward the importance of fostering a critical reading of pornography through media literacy education, as the perception that pornography is a source of sexual information strengthened, the relationship between pornography consumption and less frequent condom use increased.
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The present study extends affection exchange theory (AET) by examining the effects of pornography consumption and guilt on sexual desire for one’s partner and relationship satisfaction through the


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Correlates of use and subsequent sexual attitudes and behaviors predicted by exposure to sexually explicit content (i.e., pornography and erotica) in adult magazines, X-rated movies, and the Internet
College Women's Experiences with Physically Forced, Alcohol- or Other Drug-Enabled, and Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Before and Since Entering College
Almost 20% of undergraduate women experienced some type of completed sexual assault since entering college, and most sexual assaults occurred after women voluntarily consumed alcohol, whereas few occur after women had been given a drug without their knowledge or consent.
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Using a probability-based sample of young Danish adults and a randomized experimental design, this study investigated effects of past pornography consumption, experimental exposure to nonviolent
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  • Psychology, Medicine
    Women's health issues : official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health
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Young women (n = 1,000), visiting a family planning clinic in Stockholm, Sweden, answered a questionnaire about their sexual behavior and if they had seen pornography, and one-third believed that pornography had impacted theirSexual behavior.
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Russell (Dangerous relationships: Pornography, misogyny, and rape, 1988) argued that essential features of pornography were the inclusion of more female than male nakedness and the portrayal of men
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This study used nationally representative three-wave longitudinal data gathered from adult U.S. males to examine the over-time interplay between pornography consumption, education, and support for same-sex marriage.