Sexual Orientation in Men and Avuncularity in Japan: Implications for the Kin Selection Hypothesis

  title={Sexual Orientation in Men and Avuncularity in Japan: Implications for the Kin Selection Hypothesis},
  author={Paul L. Vasey and Doug P. Vanderlaan},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • Paul L. Vasey, Doug P. Vanderlaan
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
  • The kin selection hypothesis for male androphilia posits that genes for male androphilia can be maintained in the population if the fitness costs of not reproducing directly are offset by enhancing inclusive fitness. In theory, androphilic males can increase their inclusive fitness by directing altruistic behavior toward kin, which, in turn, allows kin to increase their reproductive success. Previous research conducted in Western countries (U.S., UK) has failed to find any support for this… CONTINUE READING
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