Sexual Homicide

  title={Sexual Homicide},
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The findings from this exploratory study are reported in terms of the descriptive background characteristics of 36 sexual murderers, their behaviors and experiences in connection with their developmental stages, and the central role of sadistic fantasy and critical cognitive structures that support the act of sexual murder. A five-phase motivational model is presented: (1) ineffective social environment, (2) formative events, (3) critical personal traits and cognitive mapping process, (4… 

What Propels Sexual Murderers: A Proposed Integrated Theory of Social Learning and Routine Activities Theories

This article incorporates the works of Akers and Cohen and Felson regarding their social learning theory and routine activities theory, respectively, to construct an integrated conceptual offending framework in sexual homicide.

Sexual homicide by adolescents.

  • W. Myers
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 1994
Sexual homicide by adolescents, an infrequent and poorly understood form of violent behavior, is proposed as a valid and distinct form of juvenile murder with serious prognostic implications.

Sexual Homicide

Examining the empirical studies in sexual homicide from the mid-1980s to 2008 concludes with an analysis of these studies and discusses implications for practice, policy, and research.

Revisiting the Organized/Disorganized Model of Sexual Homicide

This study examined the organized/disorganized model to determine if support exists for two discrete offender types among a sample of 350 Canadian cases of sexual homicide. Variables related to crime

The psychological characteristics of sexual murderers

This thesis explores the offence of sexual homicide in psychiatric and non-psychiatric forensic populations using a variety of methods. Overall, this thesis reports a number of findings that are

Malignant sex and aggression: an overview of serial sexual homicide.

An overview, from a psychiatric perspective, of serial sexual homicide, one type of serial killing, is provided, with emphasis on the role of fantasy and psychodynamic explanations.

Examining Sexual Homicides

Profiling Sexual Fantasy

Criminal profiling attempts to understand the behavioral and personality characteristics of an offender and has gained increasing recognition as a valuable investigative procedure. This chapter



The criminal fantasy technique: a comparison of sex offenders and substance abusers.

A newly developed projective technique that utilizes criminal fantasy in an attempt to help in the prediction of crime and to gain psychodynamic insights into compulsive sex offenders is presented.

Sadistic Fantasy, Sadistic Behaviour and Offending

Investigation revealed repetitive sadistic masturbatory fantasies which had spilled over into overt behaviour because the patients had felt impelled to seek and create increasingly dangerous in vivo 'try-outs' of their fantasies.

Childhood sexual abuse in the lives of sexually aggressive offenders.

The incidence of sexual assault in childhood among child molesters was higher than the incidence of such abuse reported in the literature and when a sexual assault did occur, it was associated with many other indices of familial turmoil and instability.

The problem of the dangerous sexual offender.

In this particular study, it is attempted to discover if it is possible to clinically isolate the dangerous sexual offenders who may at some time cause serious harm to a victim, including death.

Against our will : men, women, and rape

The author shows why she considers rape not to be just a brutal crime but a reflection of how our society is conditioned. To do this she traces the use and meaning of rape from Biblical times through

Response patterns in children and adolescents exploited through sex rings and pornography.

A study of 66 children and adolescents exploited by adults through sex rings and pornography shows that three-fourths of the victims demonstrated patterns of negative psychological and social

"Forbidden games:" post-traumatic child's play.

  • L. Terr
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry
  • 1981
The historical and anthropological background of espiritismo and its importance as a folk belief system in mainland Hispanic populations are traced and areas for continued research are outlined.

The Sadistic Murderer

It is important to distinguish the mtu-derer who kills in a sexual setting, as for example the killing of a taunting, imsatisfied sexual partner or killing to silence a victim of rape, from the true sadistic murderer who alone is considered m this paper, although these can be factors in his case also.

An epidemiologic study of homicides in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Extensive demographic data concerning homicide victims and perpetrators in Allegheny County, 1966-1974, were obtained retrospectively from the records of the County Coroner's Office and Police

Rape trauma syndrome.

The theoretical and practical clinical issues involved in rape trauma are reviewed as well as the early court rulings on the admissibility of rape trauma syndrome in criminal and civil cases.