Sexual Health: A Useful Public Health Paradigm or a Moral Imperative?

  title={Sexual Health: A Useful Public Health Paradigm or a Moral Imperative?},
  author={Theodorus G. M. Sandfort and Anke Ehrhardt},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
The past decade has shown an increasing use of the concept of sexual health. This upsurge is especially noticeable not only in the field of health education and promotion but also in academic sources. The concept is typically used self-evidently and with widely diverse connotations. The definition and understanding of sexual health are still evolving and pose various critical questions. For instance, the term sexual health may imply various risks, including a one-sided health perspective on… 

The graying of "sexual health": a critical research agenda.

  • B. Marshall
  • Sociology
    Canadian review of sociology = Revue canadienne de sociologie
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A research agenda is outlined which treats sexual health as a point of articulation for a range of technologies and processes which shape mid- and late-life sexualities to more fully interrogate the sites and processes by which sexualities are being shaped.

Sexual health: theoretical perspectives

In this opening chapter, we introduce the perspectives that guide the book. We examine how sexual health might be defi ned and the criteria used to do so. We summarize the main theoretical approaches

The proliferation of sexual health: Diverse social problems and the legitimation of sexuality.

Sexual health inquiry and support is a primary care priority.

A discussion about sexual health can be accomplished efficiently in a primary care office with the inquiring clinician having the option to deal with any sexual problems and dysfunctions directly, or to refer the patient to an appropriate specialized care source.

Adolescent Sexual Health and Sexuality Education

The sexual health needs of adolescents have been a central focus of the public health community. Adolescence is a unique time of physical and psychological growth and, for many, a time when sexual

Sexual satisfaction and sexual health among university students in the United States.

To enhance sexual well-being, public health practitioners should work to improve sexual self-comfort, alleviate sexual guilt, and promote longer term relationships.

Sexual health care in persons with intellectual disabilities.

  • L. Servais
  • Medicine
    Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews
  • 2006
From this review, it appears that hygiene management, global gynecological care, and prevention of unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and abuse have been frequently identified as areas in which the presence of intellectual disability dictates specific support needs.

Sexual Health Promotion

This chapter offers an outline of the current framing of sexual health from a public health perspective, a call for increased attention to upstream sexual health promotion approaches, and important considerations for the future ofSexual health and social justice work in Canada, Australia, and other international jurisdictions.

Capacity building impact of the foundation programme in sexual health promotion: a multiple stakeholder perspective

The evaluation study aimed to establish whether the FPSHP demonstrated sufficient promise in relation to its contribution to sexual health promotion capacity building to warrant a further feasibility study regarding its extension beyond HSE South.



Promoting sexual health and responsible sexual behavior: An introduction

  • E. Coleman
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of sex research
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There is remarkable consistency throughout these recent documents that call for leadership of the health sector to create better climates for discussion of sexuality, access to information and education about sexuality, prevention strategies,Access to care, and more research in human sexuality.

Sexual Health: The Emergence, Development, and Diversity of a Concept

  • A. Giami
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There is evidence that there is no international consensus on the concept of sexual health and its implementation in public health policies, andceptions for sexual health appear to be the result of political compromises and take place in the public health culture and practice of each country.

Cultural Influences on Women’s Sexual Health

The goal of this chapter is to provide the reader with an analysis of the role of culture on women’s sexuality and sexual health in the United States. Due to the growing diversity of the U.S.

Sexual health policies in other industrialized countries: Are there lessons for the United States?

This review indicates that the recommendations of health and social science experts in the U.S. are consistent with approaches in countries where programs have done a better job in meeting the sexual health needs of their populations.

From reproductive health to sexual rights achievements and future challenges

Sexual health

  • M. Adler
  • Sociology
    BMJ : British Medical Journal
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University Health Service For sexual health checks, contraception, education & treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, Counselling and Psychological Services for relationship counselling, and the Queer Collective for students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, questioning or as a straight ally.

Working with young people - towards an agenda for sexual health

In this paper we outline key elements of a human rights-based framework for sexual health promotion that takes account of young people's needs and interests. This framework is located against the

Women's Sexual Health: The Need for Feminist Analyses in Public Health in the Decade of Behavior

An empowerment approach is needed to better contend with the sexual health needs of women and this must include the goal of ensuring women's control of their own bodies in the Decade of Behavior.

Gender matters: Constructing a model of adolescent sexual health

This article illustrates the construction of a new model of adolescent sexual health, one that addresses the complex relationships between gender and adolescent sexuality. A review of sexual health

The Medicalization of Female Sexual Dysfunction: The Need for Caution

The use of drugs such as Viagra to treat sexual dysfunction in women may be beneficial in a proportion of cases. However, there are a number of barriers to understanding and predicting which women