Sexual Harassment in High School

  title={Sexual Harassment in High School},
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This study presents results of a survey that asked current university students to recall instances of sexual harassment by high school teachers. Although most respondents did not think that sexual harassment by teachers was frequent or serious in their high schools, half cited examples of such incidents involving other students. Approximately 6% of the respondents reported having personally experienced sexually inappropriate attention from high school teachers. In addition, over one third noted… 
Adult-Student Sexual Harassment in British Columbia High Schools
Abstract To determine the prevalence and impact of adult-student sexually harassing behavior in British Columbia high schools, the High School Experiences Questionnaire was distributed to 449
The frequency of sexually harassing behaviors in a high school setting were examined in this study; differences with regard to gender, level of coercion, and perceptions of what is, or is not, sexual
Sexual Harassment in High School.
The frequency of sexually harassing behaviors in a high school setting were examined in this study; differences with regard to gender, level of coercion, and perceptions of what is, or is not, sexual
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The present study used retrospective reports of primarily white female university students to examine a number of issues related to sexual harassment in high school. Results indicate that
Sexual Harassment Victimization and Perpetration Among High School Students
Sexual harassment perpetration was highly correlated with male sex, minority race/ethnicity, same-sex attraction, bullying, alcohol binge drinking, and intraparental partner violence.
Have you been sexually harassed in school? What female high school students regard as harassment
The results demonstrate female students' reluctance to label incidents as sexual harassment, despite the fact that actual behaviors are perceived as environmental problems, when little support is provided by schools.
This study uses the American Association of University Women 1993 survey on sexual harassment in America's schools, a national sample of high school students, to examine gender differences in the
Comparing the Impact of Bullying and Sexual Harassment Victimization on the Mental and Physical Health of Adolescents
A sample of 522 middle and high school students from a school district in a northeastern state in the U.S. was used to address two questions about bullying and sexual harassment: Is one more frequent
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The rare occurrence of the case of a male teacher in Turkey who sexually abused his students in an elementary school is presented.
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The psychological and educational consequences of sexual harassment for high school students were investigated in two studies. Both studies involved a modified survey originally designed for the


Reported and Unreported Teacher-Student Sexual Harassment
AbstractThis descriptive study reports the extent of sexual harassment between North Carolina high school students and teachers and suggests procedures for recognizing and ending those improper
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A factorial survey was used to assess perceptions of sexual harassment in the context of faculty-student relations in a university setting. Results of a survey of undergraduate students and faculty
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The present study provides a comprehensive description of female and male students' experiences of sexual harassment at a small university. Two hundred and fifteen undergraduates, 36.1% of those
Academic Harassment: Sex and Denial in Scholarly Garb
Although much has been written concerning the sexual harassment of university students, no research has yet directly examined the behaviors of university professors themselves. The present study
We examine experiences of sexual harassment reported by a random sample of undergraduate women at a major U.S. campus, Berkeley. Thirty percent reported having received unwanted sexual attention from
Sexual harassment of university students
The sexual harassment of junior, senior, and graduate student women and men by male and female professors, graduate assistants, and staff was investigated to determine students' personal experiences
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EDITORS' NOTE: Howz serious and widespread a problem is sexual harassment in our universities? What means will effectively diminish its incidence without violating the rights of individuals? Each of
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This paper explores the nature of sexual harassment as a subjective and multi-faceted concept, one which challenges the meaning of taken-for-granted behaviors embedded in heterosexual interactions
The Transformation of Sexual Harassment from a Private Trouble into a Public Issue
Sexual harassment, i.e., unwanted sexual attention, is not a new phenomenon for working women. Yet only in recent years have the behaviors constituting it been challenged and recognized as
Graduate Women, Sexual Harassment, and University Policy
When I personally was propositioned by a male faculty member, the man did not covertly try to use his position to pressure me. But I felt that he had taken advantage of my position as a grad student