Sexual Dysfunction in Persons With Substance Use Disorders

  title={Sexual Dysfunction in Persons With Substance Use Disorders},
  author={Deepak Shantaram Ghadigaonkar and Pratima Murthy},
  journal={Journal of Psychosexual Health},
  pages={117 - 121}
Abstract Sexual dysfunction is commonly associated with the use of substances, in both men and women. This area requires prominent attention, particularly as the use of substances is often with the expectancy of improving an underlying sexual dysfunction or with a positive expectancy of enhancing sexual function. The chronic use of substances has a negative impact on sexual function and causes various kinds of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In this narrative review, we look at the… 

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Neglected sexual dysfunction symptoms amongst chronic patients during routine consultations in rural clinics in the North West province

Clinical care of patients living with chronic disease cannot ignore sexual well-being, given the frequency of problems, and must include screening for sexual dysfunction as an essential element in the consultation.

Comparing the Effects of Melatonin and Zolpidem on Mental Health and Sexual Function in Men With Opioid Addiction: Evidence From a Randomized Clinical Trial

Melatonin could significantly improve both mental health and some domains of sexual function of those with drug abuse under MMT, while zolpidem did not show a significant effect.

A genome-wide association study to identify candidate genes for erectile dysfunction

This study introduced new genes associated with ED, which can be good candidates for further analyzing related to human ED, as well as identified the common cis-regulatory elements of these genes.

Disfunción sexual y uso de drogas en mujeres: una relación etiológica recíproca

El consumo ofrece un diagnóstico inicial y the rehabilitación sexual tras el uso crónico de sustancias psicoactivas; asimismo, se hace indispensable implementar medidas profilácticas para disminuir the uso of drogas in the actividad sexual and sus consecuencias asociadas.

Sexual function and its relationship with cannabis , tobacco , benzodiazepine and amphetamine-type stimulants use 1 2 3

  • 2021



Psychosocial interventions for sexual dysfunction in addictive disorders

Sexual therapy, behavioural techniques, systematic sensitization and desensitization are some of the techniques used in the management of sexual dysfunction in addictive disorders.

Relationship between Smoking and Female Sexual Dysfunction

In this review, the current published studies are going to be evaluated for FSD considering smoking, the accurate causes and their threatments have not been reported, yet.

The Association of Sexual Dysfunction and Substance Use Among a Community Epidemiological Sample

Diagnosis-III sexual dysfunctions of inhibited orgasm, functional dyspareunia (painful sex), inhibited sexual excitement, and inhibited sexual desire were queried in a community epidemiologic sample and inhibited orgasm was associated with marijuana and alcohol use.

Sexual dysfunction in the United States: prevalence and predictors.

The results indicate that sexual dysfunction is an important public health concern, and emotional problems likely contribute to the experience of these problems.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sexual Dysfunction

It is often recommended that the treating psychiatrists and collaborating specialists need to possess broad knowledge and appropriate attitude towards human sexuality, especially about the identification and evaluation of sexual problem.

An epidemiological study of sexual disorders in south Indian rural population

Improving the training of undergraduate medical and nursing students in sexuality related issues, increasing trained individuals in sexual medicine by starting new courses, providing sex education to the general population using media and merging sexual health care with primary care are likely to play a significant role in addressing the increasing sexual health morbidity.

Pharmacosexology: the effects of drugs on sexual function a review.

  • J. Buffum
  • Psychology
    Journal of psychoactive drugs
  • 1982
The literature on the sexual side effects of drugs and chemicals has been reviewed and many of the drugs used therapeutically have been reported to have adverse effects on sexuality, and this must be taken into account when these drugs are used clinically.

Epidemiology/risk factors of sexual dysfunction.

There is a need for more epidemiologic research in male and female sexual dysfunction and recommendations concerning state-of-the-art knowledge for the epidemiology/risk factors of sexual dysfunctions in men and women are provided.

Alcohol and sexual behaviour

  • A. Markos
  • Medicine
    International journal of STD & AIDS
  • 2005
The understanding of the current state of medical knowledge regarding the effect of alcohol on sexual behaviour is of particular interest for the development of sexually transmitted diseases control strategies, and may be called upon for investigating alleged assault and rape.

Histories of substance use and risk behavior: precursors to HIV seroconversion in homosexual men.

Seroconverters were consistently more likely to report use of marijuana, nitrite inhalants, amphetamines, and cocaine than nonconverters, and there are three potential mechanisms for an increased risk of conversion due to consistent substance use.