Sexual Dimorphism and Niche Divergence in a Mid-Water Octopod (Cephalopoda: Bolitaenidae).

  title={Sexual Dimorphism and Niche Divergence in a Mid-Water Octopod (Cephalopoda: Bolitaenidae).},
  author={J. Voight},
  journal={The Biological bulletin},
  volume={189 2},
  • J. Voight
  • Published 1995
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Biological bulletin
  • In the translucent mid-water octopod Eledonella pygmaea, the posterior salivary glands that release proteolytic enzymes into the esophageal crop grow five times faster in males than in females. I suggest that the sexes vertically partition the water column and that large glands have evolved in males as a result of their deepwater habitat. Members of the species undergo ontogenetic vertical descent and are suggested to mate at the lower end of the adult depth range where receptive females signal… CONTINUE READING
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