Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

  title={Sexual Behavior in the Human Male},
  author={Alfred Charles Kinsey and Wardell Baxter Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin},
  journal={Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease},
On the assessment of sexual orientation: a reply to Anderson.
  • N. M. Stone
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality assessment
  • 1976
In response to Anderson's (1975) objections to Stone and Schneider's validation study of the Wheeler signs of homosexuality in the Rorschach, both the scientific and ethical-moral grounds forExpand
Sexual beliefs and behavior of single, male medical students.
Comparisons among the students' descriptions of their own sexual activities, those they believed were true of others, and Kinsey's data did not indicate that their sexual behavior was constricted, or they were concerned about their sexual potency. Expand
Sexuality and Sexual Relations
It was noted in the previous chapter that many young people fear losing sexual ability later in life. This fear may be more common to men than women. Butler and Lewis (1976, p. 19) wrote, “Most menExpand
Sexuality in the Later Years
Many people deny the existence and importance of sexuality among the elderly members of our population. In a time when people are increasingly tolerant of sexual self-determination for virtuallyExpand
Adolescent sexual behavior.
The pregnancy rate has increased dramatically in this age-group because of the general lack of willpower and moral strength of young people; lack of adult role models; sexual exploitation of the young, particularly by mass media and industries; and aversion of teenagers to contraception. Expand
Trends in Attitudes toward Premarital Sexual Relations.
Using data from five national surveys, this study examines trends in attitudes toward premarital sexual relations. The results indicate that the approval of premarital sexual relations has increasedExpand
Positive Effects of Sex Information on Emotional Patterns of Behavior
Today, interest in human sexuality and sex education is coming of age. Since Kinsey and co-workers (1948) published their first landmark statistical investigation of human sexual behavior, sexExpand
The Sociology of Sexuality
In this course, we will look at sexuality from a sociological perspective. This means we will study how social forces shape sexual beliefs and behaviors. We will see how sexuality varies widely inExpand
The Sexological Construction Of Sexual Dysfunction
In a range of modern literature on human sexuality, 'sexual dysfunctions' are largely taken for granted as self-evident physiological impairments of normal sexual functioning. This conceptualisationExpand
A political history of the national sex survey of adults.
"Certainly no aspect of human biology in our current civilization stands more in need of scientific knowledge and courageous humility than that of sex. The history of medicine proves that in so farExpand