Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

  title={Sexual Behavior in the Human Female},
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The History of Female Sexuality in the United States
The course of sexuality for the American female has gone through remarkable changes, from the variety of sexual customs found in early colonial days to the repressions of the 19th century and theExpand
Treatment Of Common Male And Female Sexual Concerns
The form and direction of sexual behaviors is principally determined by sociopsychological influences (6, 9, 11, 23, 62). The influence of culture on what is considered “normal” sexual behavior canExpand
New data about female sexual response.
  • C. Butler
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 1976
Responses indicated that, on the average, the strength and degree of gratification provided by an orgasm is not related to the method of induction or to the subjective localization of the pulsating sensations. Expand
Male-female differences in sexual fantasy
Abstract A questionnaire about thoughts and ideas during sexual activity was returned by 51 females and 50 males in a random sample of college undergraduates. A high response rate (91%) and theExpand
The Sexual Experience of Afro-American Women
Documentation of sexual behavior in America was left to personal accounts, fantasy, and imagination until 25 years ago, when Kinsey and his research group published the shocking findings that 1 outExpand
The Social Organization of Women’s Sexuality
Women’s sexual behavior, while typically thought of as a matter of personal and individual choice, is fundamentally organized by social factors. This chapter examines how selected social factors,Expand
Sexuality in aging: A study of 106 cultures
Human Relations Area Files data relating to sexual activity among older individuals in 106 traditional societies were studied to identify cross-cultural patterns of variability in sexual behavior occurring with age, suggesting cultural as well as biological factors may be key determinants inSexual behavior in the later part of life. Expand
Androgens and sexuality.
It is necessary to determine what role, if any, androgens may play in the treatment of sexual dysfunction during the female reproductive years, and the search for an understanding of these relationships is not merely an interesting academic exercise. Expand
Ideology and Sexuality among Victorian Women
In recent years, American society has engaged in what is frequently described as a “sexual revolution” involving significant changes in relationships between men and women. As a result of extensiveExpand
Adolescent sexual behavior.
The pregnancy rate has increased dramatically in this age-group because of the general lack of willpower and moral strength of young people; lack of adult role models; sexual exploitation of the young, particularly by mass media and industries; and aversion of teenagers to contraception. Expand