Sexual Assault in the Military

  title={Sexual Assault in the Military},
  author={Carl Andrew Castro and Sara Kintzle and Ashley Schuyler and Carrie L Lucas and Christopher H. Warner},
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Military sexual assault is a pervasive problem throughout the military services, despite numerous initiatives to end it. No doubt the military’s lack of progress stems from the complexity of sexual assaults, yet in order to develop effective strategies and programs to end sexual assault, deep understanding and appreciation of these complexities are needed. In this paper, we describe the root causes and numerous myths surrounding sexual assault, the military cultural factors that may… 
Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military: Trends and Responses
Sexual assault is without doubt one of the most pressing issues confronting the U.S military today. The Department of Defense (DoD) acknowledges that sexual assault is a crime “incompatible with
The persistence of sexual assault within the US military
What accounts for the puzzling persistence of sexual assault of both women and men within the ranks of the US military? Despite increasing efforts to end this intraforce violence, sexual assault of
Military Sexual Assault
Military sexual assault (MSA) remains a persistent problem with substantial public health ramifications. This chapter reviews the history of military and Veterans Affairs (VA) responses to MSA, as
From sexual harassment to sexual assault: Prevalence and correlates of sexual trauma in the French military
MST is common in the French military, with women experiencing more severe forms than men, and programmatic action is needed to reduce workplace factors related to verbal SH and SA in theFrench military.
Victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military: Understanding risks and promoting recovery
ABSTRACT Ultimately, sexual harassment and sexual assault can only be eradicated by understanding and intervening with its perpetrators, however a thorough understanding of victims and their
The influence of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention Program on norms and society in the United States Army
How effective has SHARP been in preventing Sexual Assault and Harassment in the US Army? The U.S. Army has used the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention program (SHARP) since 2008 as
Victim Behavior in a Sample of Military Sexual Assault Cases
The description of victim behavior can inform forensic expert testimony on victim behavior within the military justice system while also offering empirical evidence to better understand this public health problem in the U.S. military.
Online Reporting of Military Sexual Trauma.
Case finding and treatment of military sexual trauma (MST) remains a serious problem in military and veteran populations as well as in the civilian population. This report provides descriptive
Providing Medical Care to Survivors of Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Military
Experiences of sexual assault and harassment during military service can have a profound impact on survivors’ health and healthcare needs. Fortunately, medical professionals can provide strong
The Role of Interest Groups in Shaping U.S. Governmental Responses to Military Sexual Trauma
Military sexual trauma (MST) is a significant problem in U.S. military service branches, service academies, and National Guard units, with both immediate and longer term traumatic effects on


The Prevalence of Military Sexual Assault Among Female Veterans' Administration Outpatients
The authors report the prevalence of military sexual violence and make comparisons among women veterans who report they experienced sexual violence while in the military and those who did not, using data from the Veterans' Administration Womens' Health Project.
The Sexual Assault and Secondary Victimization of Female Veterans: Help-Seeking Experiences with Military and Civilian Social Systems
A sample of predominantly low-income, African American female veterans and reservists seeking health care in a Veterans' Administration medical clinic was screened for a history of sexual assault
Where is the Justice? The Sexual Assault Crisis Plaguing the Military and a Lack of Meaningful Justice
Sexual assault is a major problem in every branch of the American Armed Forces. The current military justice system denies victims of sexual assault in the military meaningful and competent justice.
Reengineering Gender Relations in Modern Militaries: An Evolutionary Perspective
  • Rebecca J. Hannagan, Holly Arrow
  • Psychology
    Journal of trauma & dissociation : the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation
  • 2011
An evolutionary framework for understanding the sexual assault of women in the military is presented and is intended to guide future data collection in theoretically coherent ways and to inform the framing and enforcement of policies regarding both consensual and non-consensual sex among military personnel.
Military Sexual Trauma in Men: A Review of Reported Rates
Averaging across studies covering the past 30 years, it is found that MST is reported by approximately 0.09% of male service members each year, with a range of 0.02% to 6%.
False Allegations of Sexual Assault: An Analysis of Ten Years of Reported Cases
Results indicate that the prevalence of false allegations is between 2% and 10%, taken in the context of an examination of previous research.
Rape Myths
Theories of sexual aggression and victimization have increasingly emphasized the role of rape myths in the perpetuation of sexual assault. Rape myths are attitudes and generally false beliefs about
Childhood Abuse and Sexual Revictimization in a Female Navy Recruit Sample
Despite ethnic group differences in the prevalence of victimization, the predictors of rape did not differ significantly across ethnic groups.